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6 Best Master Degree Funding Sources| Guide To Funds

by Omale Philip
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Get master degree funds, many complain of funds and how to get funds for master degree. Some say its difficult getting the funds. There are reasons masters degree is important and for these reasons you need to get funds for master study.

Accessing funds for master degree may not be difficult as you think. There are many master degree funding sources you can have access, once you know where to look. 
The cost for master degree may be extensive, but can be covered. Our guides explain to you the various funding sources for master degree you can access.

#1. Scholarships

These is among the master degree funding sources you can access, certainly true as many students successfully complete master degree through scholarships. 
Can you get scholarship fund for master degree? yes you can get scholarship for master study as various scholarship opportunities are available and are provided by Government, Organizations Universities  etc for bachelor and master degree.

There are scholarships with full funding and partial funding for master degree study. i.e a scholarship can cover all or some of your expenses e.g tuition fee, living cost, books etc.  All that is required is to meet the eligibility and criteria given by sponsors or providers of scholarship, have the requested documents available for the applications and apply for scholarship.

#2. Charities and Trust

When charities and trust are considered, you think of small scale money source or funds.This is not true for charities and foundations . While seeking for fund for master degree especially through charities and trust, you will need to be sincere in details for you to gain trust from your funders. 
Certain questions you should ask yourself and get the answers before taking charities as a source of fund are;
  • why do i need to study a masters?
  • why are you looking for fund and why should people fund your master study?
  • Are you close to been able to pay for your master but need relatively small amount of money as support? 

This tip you should bear in mind when applying for charities because most charities will ask that a personal statement describing yourself and detailing your circumstances be submitted.
Ensure you follow the details carefully and follow specification on what exactly they require of you and want it to cover.

State your financial situation: Explain to them why you are need of support and what really is your financial deficit.
Good Presentation: Avoid both wrong or bad presentation either written or oral, make writings clear as your audiences can be well educated.

#3. Bursaries

This are grants given to students and does not require pay back. One of the world most popular destination international students consider for international study is UK. It has wide range of regarded master courses, prestigious universities and welcome cultural diversities.

Bursary are available and given to students at home country or international countries for a master study. The value for bursary varies and are majorly stated by 

#4. Families and Friends 

This is a good source for fund if you want master study. And this support is gotten from families: parents, relatives, friends and loved ones. This can be the best fund source if your family has the finance to sponsor your master study.
A study abroad for a master degree is advantageous if your parents are supporting financially.

#5. Erasmus Mundus

European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students’ called “Erasmus”. The Erasmus program help to support master study abroad. 
Erasmus is renowned, promotes cultural exchange and supports students’ personal, professional  and in development. Erasmus is still funding master study opportunities and participants from Austria, Albania, Belgium, Algeria, Bulgaria, Armenia, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Georgia, Finland, Israel, France, Jordan, Germany, Kosovo, Greece, Libya, Hungary, Lebanon, Iceland, Moldova, Ireland, Montenegro, Italy, Morocco, Latvia, Palestine, Liechtenstein, Russia, Luxembourg etc.

#6. Master Loans

Master loans are offered to students for a master degree study, this loans are available and can be accessed across the United Kingdom.
Government funding can be accessed by students from England, Wales, Scotland. EU students have access to master loans for a master degree. 

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