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Need A Scholarship To Study? Read This

by College Reporters Staff
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If you need a scholarship for a degree study, you need to be about certain things on scholarships for you to be successful at your application on a scholarship.
Scholarships to study are given to you as grants for your degree study, Scholarships are given to local and foreign students to pursue their study; undergraduate, postgraduate and master study


Need For A Scholarship

You certainly need a scholarship to study, who does not need a scholarship? everybody does need a scholarship. And here are reasons to gain scholarships:

  • Study Opportunity

This is an opportunity to study or further your study either bachelor or master. And students are seeking for such opportunities to begin or finance their study. This opportunities are gotten from governments, schools, organisations and it depends on the scholarship provider

  • Gain Recognition

If you seek recognition also then you can apply for a scholarship, you gain recognitions through scholarships. Get a recognition by the government of your country or an international country, from a top ranked university in a country: Europe, Asia, America etc
and from an organisation, company, foundation.

  • Get Money

Scholarships is an opportunity to access money,  as you may have a good amount of money in your bank account after gaining a scholarship offer.

  • Know Places

you get to visit places with a scholarship opportunity to study, and you will know a country and it spoken language, a higher institution and it campuses. These are experiences that add to your knowledge and this is for a life time.

Scholarships to Study

Scholarships opportunity are on the increase yearly as government, organisations and schools are growing and enlarging also with focus on education, creating more opportunities for students to study. 

There are basically two kinds of scholarships: partially funded and fully funded

Partially Funded Scholarship

These scholarship opportunity are offered to students for study at a higher institution, it does not cover the full or total cost of your study. They are offered as reduction in tuition fees, living expenses, etc- certain scholarship value (amount) is given and may not be given as cash to you but removed from your tuition fee to reduce the cost. They may be given to you on your first year or through out the duration of your course if you maintain and have a good academic.

Fully Funded Scholarship

They are offered to students and covers all the cost of study; tuition fee, books, living cost, flight travel, accommodation and transportation. These can be known through the scholarship value.

More Scholarship To Study

Government Scholarship
These scholarships are offered by the government of a country, to students for study of bachelor, master, or postgraduate in some universities in the country. International students are given consideration by the government where they apply, those from developing countries; Africa, Asia and Europe countries e.g 
  • Canada Government Scholarship 
  • China Government Scholarship
  • Australia Government Scholarship ETC

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Merit Based Scholarships

These are scholarships offered to students with exceptional performance, either in academics, sports or curricular activities. Candidates with volunteer work and community services or leadership services are at an advantage in applying and gaining these scholarship.

Major Scholarships Requirements

  • Good Academic Performance
  • Leadership Skills
  • Nationality of a Specific Country

Required Documents

  • Academic Transcript

Transcripts give details of your academic performance in your previous degree study, this document is required to know performance if good or poor.

  • Recommendation/ Refree Letter 

At least two to three refree, a recommendation letter is required as an attestation for your academic performances, conducts and character.  Are mostly required to be obtained from your home institution supervisors (professors). see how to get college letter of recommendation.

  • Application Letter
An application letter is shows your application for the the scholarship. This need to be filled correctly with all required details, ensure not to make errors on the information you are providing.

Other Required Documents
  • personal statement
  • cover letter

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