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Free IELTS Online Preparation Course And Materials 2023/2024| Understanding IELTS

by Omale Philip
Free IELTS Online Preparation Course
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Do you like to understand IELTS test? Take Free IELTS online preparation course and training materials that will help you practice and answer the IELTS exam.

This free online IELTS academic, general test preparation course allows you to very much understand the IELTS exam, by taking the free IELTS online preparation and training courses from the British Council. It prepares you for success in IELTS reading, writing, speaking, and listening test.

The free online IELTS training materials are available for academics and general course to prepare students who seek to study overseas and need the English language test score as proof that they understand the language effectively.

Planning to take the IELTS test then quickly enroll for the free online IELTS preparatory and training course which are available at no cost i.e totally free. It will help you gain the needed skillls to take the IELTS academic or general test.

For best preparation, the free online practice and training course offers you a depth understanding of the IELTS test. The IELTS online practice course is prepared like the test by native English language experts to ensure you have good score in the Exam.

Why Free IELTS Online Preparation Course

By taking the free IELTS online preparation courses and practice, you will discover how each section of the IELTS-writing, reading, listening, and speaking will be answered. The free online practice not only prepares you but enhance your chances of success in the Exam as you will be engaged in the best effective, but engaging rigorous practice test.

Students whose performance in IELTS exam didn’t meet their selected college required scores can begin preparing to take the IELTS test through the free IELTS preparation and practice online course available for you at free cost.

What Is International English Language Test System (IELTS)

International English Language Test System (IELTS) is the standardized English test taken by non-English speakers for study, work, and migration to English language countries.

Students and professionals who are planning to travel overseas are required to show proof of English language proficiency. So many take the IELTS exam and meet the required scores to be granted study, work and processing of study or work permit at the embassy.

Many top universities in UK and other English speaking countries demand for English language proficiency test score, either IELTS or TOEFL if you are not a native or your first language is not English.

What Are The IELTS Exam Types

The IELTS Exam is of two types IELTS academic and general. Learn about the IELTS test type.

IELTS Academics

The IELTS Academic exam is taken by students who are applying for study in higher education institutions or professional course in English speaking countries. Since you will be taught in English, it reflects most of the components of academic assessment in English language and demonstrate if you are a good fit and can study in the country.

This development is widely accepted by schools-universities and colleges that recognize and accept IELTS scores.

IELTS General

The IELTS general training test is specifically for those individuals going to English speaking countries for training programs, secondary education or gain work experience and its a requirement to process your visa if you want to migrate or travel to countries like New Zealand, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, and the UK.

The training is aimed at your survival, basic communication and socialization in the work environment.

What Are The Free IELTS Online Preparation Course Available?

The Free Online IELTS practice and preparatory course will enable you improve your IELTS-reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to enable you to perform better and gain better higher scores,

Basically, The Free IELTS online preparation course offers the four IELTS test types and materials for the best practices.

  • Free IELTS Online Course in Reading
  • Free IELTS Online Course in Writing
  • Free IELTS Online Course in Speaking
  • Free IELTS Online Course in Listening

They are offered for any of the IELTS modules types-academics or general.

Who Organizes The Free Online Preparation Course And Materials?

Are you seeking to take the best practice test, EDx offers Free Online IELTS Preparatory Course platform to learn about answering effectively each section -writing, reading, speaking and listening.

Other platforms such as FutureLearn platform is also helpful, take their Free Online IELTS courses to enable you boost your chances of success in the IELTS exam.

You can learn and understand IELTS test for free online through Udemy Free IELTS Online training and tutorial. The training prepares students for the actual IELTS exam and the tutors are native English speaking experts.

Can I Take Free Online IELTS Practice Course?

Looking for Free IELTS practice materials and training platform? The free online IELTS practice and training are available for any individual, students who want to take the IELTS test.

You can take the free online IELTS preparatory course at no cost i.e completely free on any of the practice platform or begin enrollment free for IELTS preparation course and practice test.

How Long Is The Free IELTS Practice Course

The duration of the Free Online IELTS prepartory and practice course is for 12 Weeks on FutureLearn

EDx offers the free online IELTS academic preparatory course for a duration of 8 weeks. The comprehensive, self practice course will enable you understand IELTS test and improve your scores.

How To Register and Take Free IELTS Online Preparatory Course

You can prepare for IELTS test, by taking the free online IELTS practice courses from British Council.

Begin practice with other learners from your region and international countries to understand IELTS and perfect your English.

Take The Free IELTS Preparation Course

Enroll Here, Take Free IELTS Preparatory Courses Online to enable you practice and understand IELTS today.

How Can I Register And Take IELTS Exam In My Country?

Need to take IELTS test to pursue a degree program or course in some applied universities? These steps will help your register and taek IELTS exam in your country or state/province.

Locate Nearest IELTS Test Centre

There are different IELTS locations available in more than 145 countries. So there is guarantie of a near and close by IELTS centre.

Register For IELTS Test.

You can register online to take the IELTS exam or fill completely the download application form. Registration online will require you to pay your IELTS test fee online and submit a printed copy your nearest test centre.

Before registration do enure to get all required valid identity documents close by for fast and quick registration.
Also, select the test date that is convenient for you to take the IELTS exam when registering.

You have the option of selecting online IELTS test or Paper test. Make your choice of the one that best convenient for you.

Submit Registration

Once your application is completed and submitted, the IELTS registration will be processed and the centre will send you a confirmation of the selected date and time and venue of test.

You should know that IELTS speaking and writing exam do take place same day and after each other. There is a break in between. If this does not hold, you are like to take the test seven days between one of the section.

How Can I Send IELTS Scores To A University?

Did you apply to a university to study for a degree program and course? The procedure for sending IELTS scores are two. Read how to request, send IELTS score to university in countries like the UK, US and Australia.

The complete easy steps and procedures considered very efficient will quickly guide you in sending IELTS scores if you need to send your scores either when registering IELTS or after taking the exam.

Need To Take Practice and  Prepare?

Click Here, Enroll for Free IELTS Preparatory and Practice To Get an Understanding of IELTS Exam.

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