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7 Best Study Abroad Cities International Students Consider

by Omale Philip
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What makes a country and its cities an ideal city for degree programe study? Good colleges and cost of living, cost of study or study tuition fees certainly help! Your preferences is all up to you. Need to study and live in a city with nightlife scene? Or a city with mountains or beaches?

CollegeForbes cities review and reports obtained from international students studying in colleges abroad, education professionals and travellers will help you make best decision for your degree study program in abroad colleges.

The Best College Study Cities for International Students

Students considered to be international students can have a study degree program in this cities.
And cities listed below are great for you to take a bachelor degree, master degree and PhD program ( depending or your present degree pursuit).

  • Sydney

Sydney is a city known for famous beaches (Bondi beach) is worth visiting no matter the schedules, its laid-back atmosphere, iconic Opera House.

If you are a beach lover, among the best cities with colleges for a degree study program Sydney should be at the top of your list! over 85 beaches with coastal walk paths, will make your stay for study unforgettable. As you’ll not have endless excuses to spend a day at the beach. 

 Trust us, you’ll have a great study and also fit right in!

  • London

New York city? Not yet London is much pretty and always among cities international students seek to have a degree study program with colleges that top in world universities ranking. The cities has easy acceptance and colleges ever ready to welcome international students, making student acceptance rate about 50- 75 percent of student studying in the city colleges or universities and age-old cultures and traditions. 

There are a few reasons why London makes it into list of best cities to study abroad in Europe. Not forgetting afternoon tea  on a perfectly rainy day, or wander around any of London’s iconic landmarks.You going to love it and see why you should study in London. 

  • Madrid 

This is the capital city of Spain, as an international student in Madrid you will get the best of both worlds is the perfect blend of chaotic and calm city. Talking about culture and meals? relaxed Spanish culture is great and fun with meals. 

Madrid is the place to be if you love food and drink (who doesn’t eat meals?) the city has embraced culinary creativity, while sticking to its Spanish roots, creating some pretty delectable eats (patatas bravas or chocolate con churros, anyone?). 

The city is also known for its lively nightlife. You can eat, study, and relax your way through the day, and then party all night in one of the most enchanting cities in Spain! 

  • Paris

Mention top cities in the world and you see or hear Paris, This city has it all: cheese, baguettes, and wine. Let make jokes and still give make our list choices of cities for college degree study program, there’s a reason why Paris is such an iconic traveller’s city (you probably already know that). 

It’s one of the best cities to study abroad in France. A world recognized language( French language) there’s something alluring about Parisian culture, and there are endless places to explore in the city with museums, art galleries, cafe terraces, or restaurants? Begin your study in a college located in Paris.

Other Cities to Consider for Study Abroad 

  • New York
  • Rome
  • Tokyo

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