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Young Global Changers Program (YGCP) 2020 for Students and Young People (Full Scholarship)

by Omale Philip
Young Global Changers program (YGCP) 2020 for Students and Young People
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Application is now open for Young Global Changers Program (YGCP) 2020. Brings together students and young people all round the world that work focus is global paradigm shift. Combining their talents together and becoming a strong voice for change.

Successful applicants will receive a full scholarship to participate in the Global Solutions Summer School and the Global Solutions Summit from April 17-22, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.

YGCP are currently witnessing a trend in advance and emerging economies where economic prosperity is increasingly becoming decoupled from social prosperity and environmental sustainability.

Why Young Global Changers program

If you share Young Global Changers program concern about the current global situation, you already have or engaged in a project and initiative to bring about positive change, if you would like to participate in a comprehensive summer school and attend the Global Solutions Summit in Berlin, and if you would like to contribute as a member of an active global community of change makers – start applying for the Young Global Changers program (YGCP)

Scholarship Application Deadline

The program application process consists of two phases, and application ends;
Firs Phase December 1, 2019.
Second Phase January, 2020

Scholarship/Award Value

An offer of full scholarships for the participation in the Young Global Changers Program 2020, having the following value of:

  • Travel expenses to and from Berlin**
  • Accommodation for the time of the summer school & Summit (April 17 -22, 2020)
  • Free admission to the Global Solutions Summit 2020
  • Lectures with global thought-leaders from academia and beyond
  • Comprehensive summer school workshops
  • Networking opportunities with great minds from academia, business, politics & civil society
  • Access to an exclusive global network of like-minded Young Global Changers
  • Possibilities for further engagement

Please note that all expenses must be paid upfront and will be reimbursed within 6 weeks after the Global Solutions Summer School. Do bear in mind that participants are responsible for submitting reimbursement claims. Currency fluctuations may lead to small changes in the total amount reimbursed.

**Additional costs may apply for local transportation in Berlin, visa arrangements, food, travel insurance and more. These costs will not be covered by the program.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Young researchers and academics involved in a research project that tackles issues related to the recoupling of economy, society and environmental sustainability,
  • Young entrepreneurs and innovators involved in a social enterprise aimed at recoupling, and young business leaders aiming at changing “business as usual” from the inside,
  • Young non-profit leaders, active as community organizers, advocacy leaders, campaigners, or implementers of social, economic or environmental change on a local, regional or global level, who are
  • Between the ages of 21 and 35,
  • Want to become longstanding, active members of a strong global network which aims at bringing about lasting global change,
  • Who commit to working constantly towards recoupling the economy with social well-being in a sustainable way,
  • Who want to become regular contributors to the Global Solutions Summit and other events and activities of the Global Solutions Initiative.

Program Part

  • The Global Solutions Summer School (April 17 – 22, 2020)
  • The Global Solutions Summit (April 20 – 21, 2020)
  • Continued Engagement

Documentations Required

  • Upload a longer one-page description of the project
  • Upload your CV (one-two pages)
  • Upload your latest academic transcript /grade sheet
  • If applicable, upload your latest academic degree
  • Upload a short description of yourself (300 characters or fewer)
  • Provide a very short summary of the project or initiative that you are actively working on (500 characters or fewer)
  • Select a relevant global policy area and explain briefly (600 characters or fewer) how this relates to your current Project
  • Upload a short description of what makes you a Young Global Changer? (800 characters or fewer)
  • Upload a short description of how you can contribute to the Young Global Changers community? (1000 characters or fewer)

How to Apply

To apply, choose the area (academia, business or nonprofit) that describes your current activities best, fill and submit all personal contact information and upload required documents (uploads as PDF files!)

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