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Why You Need A College Degree

by Omale Philip
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You need a college degree  and obtaining it is important in life. go to a college, study, graduate, get a job, have some cash, buy your needs, raise your family. 
Isn’t it great and cool, nothing comes easy and you need to attend a college to get college degree.

You will be opened to opportunities, so you need a college degree.  Currently many  sees the need for a college degree, and are obtaining college degree because the least year you spend to obtain college degree is four years.

And there are lots of people with college degree, who are job applicants seeking for job. does this mean no more value in obtaining a college degree? are college degree important in this present world of business elites? investment in obtaining a college degree still worth it?
You definitely have a choice, choosing to have that dream career, you aspired goals in life, to be a better person and well recognised will determine if a college degree is needed.

Earning a college degree is important for many people to achieve success in today’s growing world with business.
Take a good look, read on how your personal lifestyle and educational goal need a college degree.

1. Personal Development and Growth

A college degree is helpful for many reasons,  who says personal development is not worth it? college degree is more than the paper and self rewarding, a personal development  increases your competitiveness with other, makes you a though competitor for other challengers, gives you an edge and make you have the required skills needed for opportunities.

Skills like good team play, time management, good writing and communication, finally it polishes your profile. A college education build students to face and overcome obstacles and adversity for both life and work place challenges.
In the quest to obtain a college degree in college, your are multitask and becomes organized to handle different responsibilities, because while in college your learnt gradually how to handle different classes, test and exams, quiz.

2. Get a Better Job

The job market changes as development occur in education, because the world changes. Studies proof and shows that graduate with college degree get better job, opened to better opportunities and earn more than high school graduates.
Don’t forget earning potential are different and varies base on degree obtained and the sector you work in. The fast growing economy we have is putting aside high school graduates and the certificate giving more attention to college graduate and college degree. 

Therefore earning a college degree is needful for a better job and during college education range of skills were acquired than at high school.
Also take for example college degree prove that you are trained and educated for a particular profession, like education, engineering, medicine so you are considered at job market with these professions.

3. Networking Yourself

These days people are given jobs via recommendations and reference, will you think of promotion opportunity when you don not have a job? Think why you need a college degree and the benefits of college degree. You certainly will like to be in mist of professionals, and this is a network that gives you job, promotion. This start from college, your lecturers, tutors, friends and seniors.

When you are networked to different people, information flows, because this people informs or recommend you, same as networked to professionals and you get upcoming opportunities before competitors do.
Professional societies, volunteer organisations are  in colleges, you become a member and meet other people, with these you learn on opportunities, internships that will polish your profile to meet the real world opportunities and experiences.

4. Happy with More Earning 

You can be happy with more earns, that’s what a college degree can give you, will you say you don’t need a college degree? because more earning comes from college degree not high school. Everybody will not like their job, but the fact that they earn more or receive high pay for carrying out the job responsibilities, they are satisfied and happy.

Many degree holders are happy with their jobs than those without a degree. Organizations demand for degree holders more and  because they don’t want to loose them to competing organisation, they offer a high pay, give a raise in salary with additional benefits to get and keep you as a degree holder. This certainly makes you happy.

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