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5 Ways to Keep Yourself From Stress in College

by Omale Philip
5 ways keep off stress in college
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First week in college and no stress, as school has resumed it’s a new session. Assignments will be around after the first weeks and more assignments when it’s midsemester. Certainly, the course works and other activities will sneak up than you think and you will find yourself stressed in school while preparing for exams. One of the next options is cramming for exam probably because there is lack of preparation. Keeping yourself from stress in college is the best way to go.

You couldn’t keep yourself stressed out in college, why did this happen and how can you stay away from stress? College doesn’t have to be very stressful. It’s doesn’t need to be like this friends.

Been stressed in college can cause alot of health disorder especially chronic stress from activities can cause memory issues, digestive problem, and disease of th heart. This isn’t good right? we have written how you can be happy, healthy the ways to keep yourself from stress in college.

Ways to Keep off Stress in College

1. Make and Keep Schedules

Once you get the college activities and course timetable for the semester, do ensure to make schedule of your study and activites for a given week. The is nothing worse than staying all night awake attempting to get assignment or project done for submission the next day in class. Avoid this act by planning a good regular bedtime.

Figure out the best time that works perfectly for you, it might not be same as for friends or roommate. Your studying time could be early in the morning, after class, night and the place may be in library, your room or a lecture hall. What work best for you is the perfect way to go.

Find how much time you have to a given class and the time you will be devoting to your study. Some class and subject takes more time and study than others. so keep that in mind when scheduling everything out. You don’t need to study all subjects every day, that’s why you need time table and schedule to take some from day to day. Good plann and consistent schedule make you have rest time and good sleep.

2. Avoid Procastination

One of college student’s best friend that threatens them as nightmare is procastination. This will make you mix up most your works and activites and miss up your plans for the day. When you take some break to chill and don’t think about your work, suddenly you realise the assignment is the next day and you haven’t done some research neither written anything on a paper page. That’s procastination and it’s not worth itFinding yourself taking more acitivies together at same time and can’t get all done at the right time and when needed.

3. Stay Focused

Having projects and asssignment each week in different subjects can be tidious and challenging to stay focused. what ever you do, as a student you need break but if you stay in the zone you will be get all work done in no time. Once you start study don’t get distracted or taken away stay until. Obviously breaks is allowed and take some but don’t with long breaks, it should be a reasonable amount of time. Musics, entertainment, games can wait, funs are best when there aren’t work hanging on your mind.

4. Don’t Overwork Yourself, Use Planner

Assignments, projects, and works in college are unavoidable. But you don’t have to be rigid, as not everything is concerete. Projects and works are flexible that you can still have fun while the work is in progress. A few social acitvities, club and hobbies are fine to get yourself relaxed and not be engrossed and surrounded with work. Sleep shouldn’t the only break you take, socialize be with friends and play some games.

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