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University of Wollongong Application to Study as International Student

by Omale Philip
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Apply as international student at university of Wollongong,  The university is one of Australian university students preferred to study. UoW wad established in 1951 and located in Wollongong, Australia.

Interested in this country, then the university may also interest you for a study programme as international student. Each year, student search the web for universities they can apply and study, millions of this search by students are carried on Australia universities including university of Wollongong. 

University of Wollongong

Apply For Study at University of Wollongong

Need to start application? before applying you need to first read through to on how to apply , also check requirements, tuition cost and any available exchange programme or scholarships.

How to Apply – University of Wollongong

Get Application Form

After checking for the course of study you interested, first step is to submit an application online by creating an account. The Office of Global Student Mobility accepts application through the portal UoW for students applying.

Requirements and Documents

At UoW there are requirements you are to meet for study. See the UoW application criteria and know what are required, some documentations you will need to uploaded in online application. Below are listed documentations you are to upload
  • An academic transcript (original copy) 
  • English language test results (An original copy if applicable)
  • A Statement Form completed by your home university for Study Abroad and Exchange Support.

    Admission Offer and Acceptance

    Your completed application form submitted to UoW Office of Global Student Mobility will be accessed and the outcome of your application will be sent to you. An offer of admission letter will be sent to applicants who are succesful, if you do recieve a mail with a letter of offer consider yourself succesful and proceed to accept the admission offer by replying back the mail.

    Acceptance Offer – How to Accept or Reject

    Before accepting offer of admission from university of Wollongong, read and check the terms of admission offer, make any required payments as outlined-tuition fees etc and ensure you are satisfied with the terms. All payment by international students are made through Flywire to UoW.
    You will need to follow the procedure to accept offer, the simply steps are:
    Print out your Offer of Admission and sign ‘Attachment A’ section of the letter.
    Proceed to Login on your Student Mobility Online application portal.
    On your homepage Click on the task – ‘Accept or Reject Offer’.
    Upload your signed ‘Attachment A’ as a PDF attachment and submit.

    Note: Also visit Australian Department of Home Affairs website for student visa requirements and check requirements, see if you qualify for visa  before accepting.

    Confirmation of Enrollment

    An electronic confirmation of enrollment (eCoE) will be sent to you via email, once the university process your payments after receiving acceptance offer and fee payment.
    Your eCOE will be used for your student visa application. Students are mostly required to apply for Australian  Student Visa subclass 500 (Non-Award).

    Apply for Visa

    Application for student visa can be made at the nearest embassy. Some documentation will be required- confirmation of enrollment (eCoE), letter of offer, passports, medical and health fitness as medical check and X-ray may be required to process  your visa.

    Enroll for Study and Prepare for Arrival

    Final online enrollment will be done prior to the resumption of programme you applied. Detail instruction for enrollment will be received as UoW student and how to enroll in the subject approved for your study. You will receive an UoW student email, and your UoW username and password as a full enrolled students

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