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United Kingdom: BritishSpanish Society Scholarships 2019, King’s College in UK

by Omale Philip
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The BritishSpanish Society Scholarships Applications is now open to students  that seek to be engaged in postgraduate program at Kings College UK.

The Society’s aim is to provide support for a course or research project which would not be possible without this additional funding.

The BritishSpanish Society is a registered charity whose object is to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Britain and Spain through knowledge of each other’s customs, institutions, history and way of life.

How to Apply BritishSpanish Society Scholarships 2019

Application for the BritishSpanish Society scholarships can be made by interested candidates that need to study in King College, UK at the scholarships program web page (read further and apply)

BritishSpanish Society Scholarships 2019, King's College in UK

Scholarship Description

Scholarship Applications Deadline
BritishSpanish Society Scholarship Applications Deadline for applicants is February 15, 2019.

Course Level

Scholarships are available to pursue postgraduate programme.

Field of Study

Scholarships are awarded to study available courses offered in the college.

Scholarship Award

The scholarships award is worth 
allowances for research materials, travel, academic fees and, where appropriate, accommodation. 
Each grant will be of £5000.


Applicant must be a UK or Spanish students (a  citizen of UK or Spanish)

Study Location

Scholarship are offered for  study in United Kingdom.

Scholarship EligibilityRequirements: 

  • Applicants need be UK or Spanish students (from UK or Spanish country)
  • Applicants must be willing to be engaged in university studies at postgraduate level that have some connection with bilateral links and relationships between the United Kingdom and Spain in any field of academic interest.
  • Applicants may be undergraduates in their final year or be postgraduates seeking, for example, to extend existing qualifications or to carry forward research already initiated.
  • Candidates should already have been unconditionally accepted at the University of their choice and be able to provide written confirmation of this (a scanned copy of your acceptance letter will suffice).
  • References must be presented in the official letter-headed paper, dated, stamped and signed by the referee. We will accept recent letters, dated less than one year prior to the application deadline (a scanned copy of your reference letter will suffice). Email references will be equally accepted provided they have been sent from the official email account of the academic sponsor. Candidates failing to provide references in the correct format could be disqualified from the selection process.
  • The ethical conduct section at the end of this application form must be filled in by all applicants.

Application Procedure

How to Apply
NOTE: It’s important all candidates go through application procedure/requirements carefully and review before applying for scholarship.

In order to apply 
  • When considering applications, the Council will take into account whether they conform to the objectives of the Society, which is a non-political organization whose aim is to promote friendship and understanding among the peoples of the United Kingdom and Spain through knowledge of each other’s customs, institutions, history and way of life.

Valid application packs must include:

  • A completed application form (below)
  • A scanned copy of your passport or identity card
  • A scanned copy of the letter of acceptance from your academic institution
  • Letter/s of reference from an academic sponsor.

Scholarship Website

Application for this scholarship is carried out online at the scholarship page click below link

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