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Sashakt Scholarship 2020 in India for Students.

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Sashakt Scholarship 2020 in India for Students
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“Building capacity dissolves differences. It irons out inequalities”. Sashakt Scholarship  encourages and support, academically young bright students to prepare for and pursue a degree in science studies

The Sashakt Scholarship 2020 covers all three years of study towards earning a B.Sc. degree for Indian girl student.
Dr Reddy Foundation is financially empowering the rural and economically challenged students to access the best science education in India. Dr Reddy’s Foundation established in 1996 is a not-for-profit organization set up to enable socially students who are economically and socially vulnerable to take control of their lives and academics.

The aim and vision is assisting disadvantaged young youth, women to have access to quality education and developing skills to keep pace with modern day challenges.

Why Sashakt Scholarship?

1. Encourage and support young, academically bright girls to pursue science studies.
2. Address the attrition of girl students in science during transition from school to college.
3. Financially empower rural and economically challenged girls to access the best science education in India.
4. To contribute more women scientists as mentors and achievers to India and the world

Application Deadline

The application closes on August 15, 2020.


The scholarship has value worth maximum of Rs.80,000/- per student, per academic year and the scholarship amount will be towards;

  • tuition fees
  • books and
  • living expenses.

Eligibility and Requirements

The following eligibility and requirement will be followed.

To be considered for a Sashakt Scholarship, application is open to:

Candidates pursuing studies in the designated listed colleges in India and must be Indian National.
Candidates applying for the scholarship under this program and applying for B.Sc.(Natural Sciences), first year, during the academic year 2019-20.
Candidates securing admissions into any of the 12 listed science colleges.
The Scholarship is open for studies in the designated colleges in India and for Indian Nationals only.
Only those desirous candidates who have all the requisite documents at the time of making the Application.
Be an Indian girl student applying for college studies in 2020

Documentation Required

The following documents are required to be presented by students.

Applicants have to submit the documents below

  • X Std. Certificate- Mandatory
  • XII Std./ 10+2 Mark sheets
  • Income Certificate: The Income Tax Returns of their parents/guardian(s) or in the alternative, Bank Statements of parents/guardian or Income Certificate issued by Government.
  • Disability Certificate: for persons with disability

How to Apply

Follow the procedure to apply for Sashakt Scholarships 2020.
Application Procedure

To apply for Sashakt Scholarship,

Register and fill scholarship application form

Submit your application documents and select institution for studies in the designated colleges in India and wait for the Sashakt Scholarship notification of selection.

IMPORTANT: The scholarship will be given only to students who have confirmed admissions to any of the colleges listed.

Application deadline: submit your application by August 15, 2020.
Click Here to Apply, Get More Information on the Website

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