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MRIWA PhD Scholarship 2020/2021 for International Students in Australia

by Omale Philip
MRIWA PhD Scholarship 2020/2021 for International Students
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MRIWA PhD Research Scholarship is designed to support domestic and international students who want to undertake research projects. The MRIWA PhD Funding Programme  will be provided by the Government of Western Australia in partnership with Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia.

The MRIWA PhD Scholarship round is will be offered for new PhD research projects alighning with the MRIWA Research Priority Plan (RPP). Two PhD Scholarships are available valued at no less than $35,000 for research projects. Scholarships will be held at any university in Western Australia, and both international and domestic candidates who are interested in submitting application.

Application Deadline

The application closing date for MRIWA PhD Scholarship is October 31, 2020.


MRIWA Scholarship will provide PhD research fund value of

  • PhD research scholarship
  • $30,000 Stipend annually
  • Support research and related project costs at $5,000 annually

PhD Scholarship Categories

MRIWA offers two PhD scholarships for new projects aligning with our Research Priority Plan (RPP),

  1. Odwyn Jones scholarship
  2. RIWA research scholarship for women (female applicants only)

Degree Level: PhD (Doctorate degree)

Location: Australia (any selected Western Australia university)

Requirements and Eligibilty Criteria

The eligibility criteria for MRIWA PhD Research Scholarship. Applicants must be

  • Australia citizen or any international country national who want to study in the country.
  • Demonstrate academic and research excellence.
  • Applicants need to enrol in a doctoral research degree at their preferred university.
  • Applicants need have the minimum English language test score at the Australia university.
  • Provide relevant documents to the university and MRIWA.

ALSO APPLY: Open Society Foundation Civil Society Scholar Funds 2020/2021 For Doctoral Students and University Faculties

Documentation Required

You must submit all the following documents, Once you have submitted an application to your preferred university. An Expression of Interest (EOI) to MRIWA, content requested will include:

Section A – Personal information and details

  • Applicant name
  • Nationality
  • Contact details: residential address, telephone and email
  • IELTS (or equivalent) documentation, where applicable

Section B – Relevant qualifications

  • Research credentials including details of
    qualifications and awards/recognition received
  • Summary of related professional experience, if any
  • Two (2) signed references from academics familiar with your research to date

Section C – Scholarship Categories

  • Specify which MRIWA PhD scholarship (Odwyn Jones Scholarship or MRIWA Research Scholarship for Women) is being applied for
  • Provide a formal Statement of Intent for interest in MRIWA scholarship

Section D – Research proposal

  • Confirmation of application for a PhD degree program at an eligible university
  • Research proposal title
  • Research proposal overview (max. 50 words)
  • Proposed academic supervisors, with signed endorsement by them of the proposal
  • Intended University Faculty at which the research will be undertaken
  • Research proposal detail including: Research problem to be addressed, project objectives, proposed methodology and project plan, including an outline of relevant timeframes
  • Demonstration of how the proposed research:
  1. aligns to MRIWA’s RPP (max. 50 words);
  2. will provide benefit to Western Australia (max 100 words)

Please Note: All documentation must be submitted in English. Where original documents are in another language, they must be translated into English by an accredited translator, and the translation must bear evidence of this accreditation.

How to Apply to MRIWA PhD Research Scholarship

You need to apply for this scholarship – Online Application by sending a mail to MRIWA Scholarship commitee (email address is provided below).

If you need to apply for this funded PhD research scholarship, the application steps are

Application Procedure

MRIWA scholarship application deadline: 31 October 2020

Applicants are first required to enrol in a doctoral research degree at their preferred university. Your university application documents will be evaluated by MRIWA as part of the scholarship assessment process.

Once you have submitted an application to your preferred university, provide an Expression of Interest (EOI) must be sent to: scholarships@mriwa.wa.gov.au

Note: An EOI form will be provided from MRIWA from the 1st of July 2020,

Need More Information?

Get More details on the MRIWA PhD Scholarship Program for domestic and international students.

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