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Islamic Online University| Programs and Courses

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Interested in attending an online university? if you are interested in attending the Islamic Online University, you will get complete details about the Islamic Online University, programs, courses, and fee structure.

Planning to attend the Islamic Online University, find all the necessary details you seek here to enable you study in the school. The Islamic Online University is a distance learning higher education institution that provide learning for different student. The Online University aim to prepare students to face the modern day learning challenge and take undergraduate and graduate programs.

Why Attend Islamic Online University

Islamic Online University offers a golden opportunity to students to access quality undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level program and courses. The university is committed to spreading large beneficial knowledge that is easily affordable and will benefit both the individual students and the entire communities.

The aim of the Islamic Online University is to provide global access to quality education at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. The online university now provides an equal opportunity for all students and makes earning a degree a real possibility in various fields of study.

About Islamic Online University

Islamic Online University (IOU) is a recognized distance learning university offering knowledge in Islamic studies through degree program. Located in Banjul, Gambia, the Islamic Online University is very much acknowledged today as a distance learning higher education institution for online undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programs.

The Islamic Online University was founded by Dr Bilal Philips after envisioning the institution that will offer online intensive and completely tuition-free undergraduate and graduate degree programs. IOU started in 2007 with the launch of complete tuition-free online diploma courses in its open campus. Today the institution provides an equal opportunity for all it’s student and makes earning a degree a real possibility even to the students in despirate need for a degree education. Thereby students can benefit by acquiring bachelor’s and master’s degree from the tuition-free accredited BA and MA degrees in various fields of study.

In 2010, The first tuition-free Bachelor of Arts (BA) program was launched after just 3 years from when the university kick off. The University now has seven colleges- College of Arabic Language and Linguistics, College of Banking & Finance, College of Business Administration, College of Education, College of Islamic Economics, College of Psychology, College of Islamic Studies, and College of Information Technology all offering accredited online degree programs.

The Islamic Online University is committed to provide a top quality online academic experience, suitable in its scope and depth, to convey the authentic and practical Islamic knowledge, while at the same time enabling its students to face the contemporary challenges of the 21st century by offering other fields of study such as psychology, education or finance.

Is Islamic Online University Tuition-Free?

The Islamic Online University (IOU) demonstrates its continuous commitment to the spreading of the beneficial knowledge by progressing from an absolutely free certificate and diploma level courses to a tuition-free accredited bachelor’s degrees in various fields of study and master’s degree. Do check here for tuition fees required for the various programs.

Is Islamic Online University Accredited?

The Islamic Online University is worldwide accredited. However, an organization or institutions may have what they consider as accredited or a list of acceptable colleges and universities. So, it is recommended that you check with such institution or the organization where you might want to do further studies or seek employment.


Islamic Online University Programs

Here Are The Islamic Online University-Programs, Courses

S/N Islamic Online University-Programs Courses
1. Diploma Programs
  • Business Administration
  • Psychology
  • Islamic Economics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Islamic Studies
2. Associate Degree Programs
  • Business Administration
  • Psychology
  • Islamic Economics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Islamic Studies
3. Bachelor Degree Programs
  • BA Islamic Studies
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Education
  • BSc in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance
  • BSc in Psychology
  • BSc in Information Technology
4. Master’s Degree Programs
  • MA Islamic Studies


Islamic Online University Programs

Diploma Program-Islamic Online University

If you are interested in attending the Islamic Online University to take a diploma program, then you made a right decision, as the institution offers wide range of diploma courses for students. The university offers diploma online courses in Islamic studies, many are free diploma and short courses, others are intensive paid courses to provide quality Islamic studies.

The short but comprehensive Islamic courses are designed and structured to provide a systematic and organized study experience for students who seek Islamic knowledge. After completion of the selected and desired diploma courses, you can advance study to the BA in Islamic studies.

Associate Degree Program-Islamic Online University

The Islamic Online University (IOU) offer great access to quality associate degree program and courses. You can participate in the available associate degree program for Islamic knowledge offered by the school. At present the Islamic Online university offers-Associate of Arts in Education, Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Associate of Science is Information Technology, Associate of Science in Psychology, and Associate of Science in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance . You can make your choice course of study from the provided associate degree program courses.

To be admitted into the associate degree program, the candidate must have completed high school (secondary school) and be offered a high school certificate to be presented as proof that the student successfully completes high school level.

For students who have acquired other certificates and advanced study degree are permitted to submit such certificate if the student no more have a high school certificate. The duration for associate degree program and courses takes two (2) years

Bachelor Degree Program-Islamic Online University

The university offers BA degree program for different courses-Islamic studies, education, economics, psychology, information technology, Islamic economics, banking and finance, .
The BA program place emphasis on the development of the student -communication, decision-making, ethical reasoning. After completion of the program, students have self-confidence to work in different organizations and environment.

Admission into the program requires student present a high school certificate and other necessary documentation during application process. So if you have strong interest in starting a bachelor degree program at Islamic Online University, you will have the chance of taking a full-time study for the duration of four years or part-time- eight years

The bachelor degree program-Islamic studies does not attract fees just like the diploma program. But you have to pay a semester registration fee, paid per semester and it ranges from US $70 to US $200. The fees are based on your region and location.

Master’s Degree Program-Islamic Online University

Currently, the Islamic Online University offers masters of Islamic studies. The launch of Master’s degree in Islamic Studies program now completely available as online course taught in Enlish language as the medium of instruction. The program allow students to continue in advance study by enrolling for the master’s level course in Islamic Studies to enhance their knowledge.

The MA in Islamic Studies take two years for full time study and four years for part time which is the maximum year to complete the program. So you can complete your study in no time with a strong Islamic knowledge and certification.

Pursuing a master’s degree in Islamic studies from the university is a rare priviledge and golden opportunity to obtain a master’s degree certification in Islamic Studies.

Admission into the MA program requires the following- the candidates must have, an accredited Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies or
an accredited B.A. (in any discipline other than Islamic studies), B.Sc., B.Com., equivalent, or higher along with Bridge to M.A.I.S.*Higher Diploma from the Islamic Online University.

Islamic Online University Courses

Business Administration


Islamic Economics

Banking and Finance

Information Technology

Islamic Studies

Islamic Online University Tuition Fees

Islamic Online University (IOU) is an institution that does not charge tuition fees for its programs and courses. However there is a paid fee through online payment, international bank wire, local bank transfer channel.

The fees are a moderate charged fee that students pay-a one time admission application process fee (USD $10) and a fee for every semester. For part-time, semester registration fee ranges from USD $70 to $200 per semester and a full time semester fees ranges from USD $110 to $320 based on the country of residence and the student’s standard of living.

Payment of fees are to be made after all registration procedures are complete and instructions to pay fee are given by the Registrar. The payable fees vary for countries based on the categories of development-low developed countries, medium developed countries, high developed countries.

Find Out How You Can Enroll Into The Islamic Online University

Do you want to apply to the Islamic Online university and enroll for a degree program? Then you will need to follow the guide here to be able to process you application into the university. There are two admission application steps into the university, The first is by online application, the later is by post-all explained as follows. Step one – by online application and step two- by post application. Any student applying to enroll in the Islamic Online University must go through the provided steps.

Step 1. By Online Application Process

The applicant must submit application by online application form. The process require applicants to completely fill the online application form, submit scanned copy of documents during the online application, however hard copy must be sent by post mail to the university.

The online application requires you properly choose the desired stream of course-diploma, associate, bachelor, higher diploma, and masters. Students do need to pay a one time admission fee of USD $10. Proceed to pay the admission application processing fees to allow admission process, after which a link will provided to submit the copies of documentation required. An email will be sent from the school registrar confirming your majorly your acceptance into the Islamic Online University. Upon this proceed to make some few payments to register for the semester, after your payments, registration will be made into first semester.

Step 2. Application By Post Mail

To make application to the university, attested documents must be available. After completion of online application and submission, All required documents must be sent to the admisssion officer via post mail. An attestation is a mandatory requirement to obtain the degree certification.

Is An English Language Certification e.g (TOEFL or IELTS) Required?

The medium of instruction at the Islamic Online University is English language, The entire program are taught in English language. There is no requirement for an English language certification when applying to the Islamic Online University degree program.


Your decision of attending the Islamic Online University is a good choice if you have decided to go to the school to get authentic Islamic knowledge received from the Quran and Sunnah. The staff of the university are committed to assist you get the knowledge and degree you seek after as many students do come from all around the world to study at the Islamic Online University.

So with this online school community, students can gain the degree they desire at no or less fees, if they make the Islamic Online University their choice of School.

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