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Importance Of Students Having Emotional Intelligence

by College Reporters Staff
Importance Of Students Having Emotional Intelligence
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What emotional intelligence? Emotional Intelligence (EI) is very important for students, when hard challenging time comes, emotional intelligence will help you. The importance of students having high level of emotional intelligence goes a long way and can’t be overemphasized.

When it comes to success in the classroom and beyond, a student with high level of emotional intelligence can perform better, manage and relate with others around them. The way a child understands, identifies, and manages emotions can have an impact on the child’s life. But first what is emotional intelligence (EI) and how important or can it help students?

We have outlined the importance of students having emotional intelligence in this topic.

Emotional intelligence is a student’s ability to identify, solve challenges, communicate, control, express with others and the making of decisions.

Bette Performance And Self Awareness

Any student who need better perfomances or self development will need emotional intelligence. An essential traits for students to increase self awareness and develop-skills that are technical and soft. Effective communication, courtesy and empathy are some skills that students with emotional intelligence have and this is called soft skill.

A student knowing his strength and weakness can look forward to develop and work on his weakness to gain balance, this makes the student better. The awareness of what to do, the merits or demerits of when it’s carried out put a student on a better performance and this tells the level of emotional intelligence the child possesses.

The stability of the mind and body to channelize EI into action can be done by an effective performer with a high emotional intelligence.

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Manage And Reduce Stress

Being stressed occur from so many activities, challenges but how can you go through them? An emotional challenge can cause a student to be under stress in school. So students are not left out when it comes to stress. Knowing what causes undue stress is half the solution to manage and reduce stress.

Having the needed skills to handle emotional intelligence, students can tackle, considerably manage and reduce the stress in their lives and schools. Managing and controlling your emotion is the way to go in achieving stress free life in school and any environment.

Self Motivation

Being able to control your emotions effectively and pushing yourself to meet the set goals as a student will lead to self motivation. a self push to get something done or achieve a vision through an outlined mission can be termed self motivation.

A student with a high level of emotional intelligence is self driven, identifies, evaluate, make decision and solve challenges without a push from the parents and teachers. This is a leader’s attribute and good leadership skills.

Communication and Leadership Skills

Communication is an everyday activity for people, using verbal and non verbal forms of communication is one achieved from both intelligent and emotional quotient. Students who are leaders and have a high level of emotional intelligence can communicate a situation best and relay messages.

There are challenges to be solved as a student who leads, emotional intelligence helps you to identify, handle and solve problems that arise between others or around you. Leadership skill are easy to recognise when seen in the classroom, organization, religious centres, and family. Anyone who wishes to plan, strategize, coordinate and control then leadership skills is a must have skill. Therefore emotional intelligence EI is highly needful.

Not having EI, a leader is unable to make himself and his team succeed, do you know why? because he lacks how to be a good team player and coordinate team play. Definitely you don’t like such because failure is the end result. Think of any good sport team having a good coordinator or captain as an example, there is high tendency that he listens, is approachable, and one you could go to ask questions and get challenges solved. This trait is a vital part of emotional intelligence and is indispensable for both self development and leadership skills.

Furthermore answers to importance of students having emotional intelligence.

Building Relationships

A quote says “No man is an inland” definitely you will meet people get to talk or exchange items. Being aware of people emotions and interacting effectively creates relationship with fellow students. Emotional intelligence help you to do this. Students with emotional challenge lacks focus to study, class attendance low, academic performance poor, and have little or no college preparation.

But emotional intelligence helps students to better understand themselves, others and how not to let themselves down because of emotional problems. This means being aware of your emotions as a student and how it can affect you gives the lead not to let it be a hindrance to your relationship with friends and classmates. A good friendly relationship built in college is a forever friendship in your life. This can be achieved when you as a student have emotional intelligence.

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Empathy And More Compassion For Others

How do you make others feel with your actions? understanding how other feel and sharing other people feeling can go a long way to know what needs to be done. Helping to relief a child’s pain as a teacher or parent brings them close to you. Students having empathy, compassion and good deeds toward other students can take solve emotional problems. Students having EI shows empathy and compassion, this helps build relationship with students and teachers. See why it can’t be ruled out.

Compassion for others makes a better and friendly atmosphere in an environment occupied by people. Students with high level of emotional intelligence easily have friends and can be seen with their friends.

Having known the importance of students having emotional intelligence, how can we help students understand and manage their emotions effectively in school and around them.
The way to go in helping your child or student build emotional intelligence are;

  • Listening to students
  • Give required effort to identify emotions
  • Have empathy
  • Teach and show problem solving skills
  • Be the Leader with examples

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