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ICIMOD Mountain Prize 2020 (USD $2,500 prize): Call for Nomination

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ICIMOD Mountain Prize 2020
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Call for nomination: ICIMOD Mountain Prize 2020. The ICIMOD Mountain Prize is awarded every year to an individual, organization entity who demonstrate outstanding efforts enabling sustainable and resilient mountain conserving and development outreach.

The ICIMOD Mountain Prize will be offered to an individual, organization, and private sector conserving cultural identity to benefit the environment or communities particularly the poor and wowen in Hindu Kush Himalay (HKH) region and beyond.

ICIMOD issues a first call for nominations every year and awards the prize and honorable mentions to the deserving nominees-individuals, organizations, or companies that have advanced the mountain cause in the HKH through innovations in their various capacities and positive tangible change on the ground.

Application Deadline

The 2020 ICIMOD Mountain Prize nomination application closes August 15, 2020.


The mountain prize value is worth USD: $2,500.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

  • The nomination for the ICIMOD Mountain prize is for inividuals, organization, private sector entity
  • That has done outstanding work in the field of sustainable and resilient mountain development in the HKH is eligible for the prize and can be nominated.
  • The nominee must have made a demonstrable impact in sustainable mountain development. While they would like to particularly acknowledge the efforts of individuals or entities that have worked in line with ICIMOD’s mandate, this is not a pre-condition for the award.

Please note: Application is also open to storytellers, photographers, filmmakers and artists.

Selection criteria

A commission for the ICIMOD Mountain Prize will judge the submitted nominations and may invite appraisals by external experts to decide on the winner of the Prize. They may contact the nominator, nominee and referee(s) for more information.

The commission will pick the winner of the prize and Honorable Mentions based on the following criteria:

  • demonstrable impact
  • innovation
  • degree of importance given to gender equity and social inclusion

Want to Nominate/Be Nominated

Who can nominate?

Any individual can nominate any organization or a private sector entity or another individual that meets the eligibility criteria should

  • Nominator is expected to be very familiar with the work of the organization or company or individual he/she is nominating.
  • The nominator should nominate only after receiving the consent of the nominee (head of the entity in case of an organization or company).
  • Self-nomination (nominating one-self for the prize) is not permitted and the nominator may nominate only once.


How to nominate for ICIMOD Mountain Prize

Anybody wishing to nominate an eligible individual or organization or company for the prize must submit his or her nomination through this online form, which will be made public from June 19 through August 15. The nominator must provide accurate information on his/her nominee’s work and the impact it has brought about.

In particular, the nominator must:

  • provide personal information on the nominee such as full name and contact address;
  • specify in which work area(s) the nominee has made demonstrable impact;
  • provide an overview of the nominee’s outstanding work;
  • provide a credible narrative on how the nominee’s outstanding work has contributed to sustainable and resilient mountain development or/and brought about transformative change on the ground;
  • provide an argumentation for why the nominee deserves to win the prize;
  • provide supporting documents, including links to online articles, or videos, or publications that provide evidence of the nominee’s work and impact;
  • provide contact information of two referees who also know the nominee well.
  • statement vouching for the accuracy of the information provided through the nomination form
    scalability/sustainability in the mountain context

Substantial weight is given to work that addresses complex or wicked problem(s) in an innovative/ingenious manner.

Nomination closing date: August 15, 2020
Selection period: August 15 -Nov, 15 2020
Result: December 11, 2020

Need to Apply?

Nominate Here

Need More Information?

Get further details , Visit the official ICIMOD Mountain prize website.

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