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How to Get a Letter of Recommendation| College Admission

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Seeking a letter of recommendation for college admission?, a college admission team needs you to submit a letter of recommendation, that’s the start line to grab a college admission if you are applying to a college because your application will be reviewed.

As  first appearance or impression majorly counts for an opportunity. There are difficulties of knowing if a student is fit to be admitted to the university, and one way you need to step out above your fellow competitors in a college admission with good impression on the staffs is for you to provide a high quality  letter of recommendation.

A letter of recommendation is to be obtained from a teacher, professor, lecturer, head of department or mentor. One that you have good relationship, shared positive experiences with or has supervised you in previous degree, study or subject can provide you with the letter.

In the recommendation they provide information of the relationship they share with you, your abilities, provide reasons why you are great student and why you are the best candidate for the opportunity.
This article guides you on how to get a college letter of recommendation.

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Whom To Obtain Letter of Recommendation From

Never ask any teacher, professor to write you a letter of recommendation because the teacher is good looking or has a class that is fun to be in.  Ask a teacher you are really connected with to write you letter of recommendation, one that oversaw you performances and achievements in sports, club, multi- classes and activities.

A teacher that you really connected with if asked will provide a high quality letter of recommendation because they will love to write for a student they genuinely like, shared good experiences with and they have a lot to write about you than just any teacher. who does not have much to write because they neither had any connection  nor shared experiences with you.

Not all teachers will write you a letter because you asked them, teachers will not write a letter of recommendation for students who distrubt their classes, and if persist  will not write you a good recommendation, certainly you don’t need this.

Take a review of all the teachers you had and think of the one you connected very well with.Those are the teachers that you need to ask to write you a letter of recommendation.

Recommendation Stamp

Get Recommendation Early

Remember this if you feel you are the first student to request for a letter of recommendation from a teacher, certainly you are not. If you are asking a popular teacher to write you a letter, there is a great chance that they have written or has been asked by your peers to write them a letter of recommendation.

It’s important you begin process early even if you the teachers favorite student or best student in the class. They may turn you down if you asked late as it may be at their  most occupied period. A good guide for getting a letter of recommendation is to begin before vacation and keep them reminded so as to get you a well written and prepared letter of recommendation.

But if you ever get turned down, due to late request, busy schedule of teacher or any other reasons don’t give up in requesting from another teacher or professor.

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Ask for Recommendation, Never Demand

Bear in mind that letter of recommendation is not a requirement for your teacher to provide you with, when approaching them tell them the purpose of the recommendation, so they could write to suite the requirement. Importantly letter of recommendation written on Letter head paper.

Getting a letter from them should not just start by walking into their office, calling on phone or sending mail and asking them to write you a letter of recommendation. Ensure you have been checking on them either visiting their office once a while to greet then have a few chat or giving them a phone call telling them how you thought of them and need to say hi.

Finally take a visit to them and get talking then politely ask if they could write you a letter of recommendation. Let them know how much they have impacted, inspired and added great values to you. Don’t forget to tell them about your new school and the plans you have made, they will be delighted to hear about it and share somethings you didn’t know or thought. And if they are distant from you ensure to display a high level of respect for them, you may have to use electronic medium to communicate so formally ask them and be polite. 

This is a good principle and certainly true because they will have you in memory and if you don’t do this it may be assume to be you decided to get in touch as result of the need of getting a letter of recommendation.

Relay Relevant Information/ Details 

When asking, give your teacher all relevant and necessary information or details they will need to know, and required by the university to be stated on the letter of recommendation. 

Relevant information that may be required are student academic performance or ranking, CGPA etc. Any other information that need to be disclosed to the teacher should be related  such as whom and where it need to be addressed to,  the date you need the letter returned to you. Remember If your teacher doesn’t know that they have to include certain details or information, they most likely won’t. So you need to provide them with the exact information required by the university, if you don’t do this then you both will have wasted efforts and time.

Say Thank You

Show how you appreciate their effort and time taken to write you a letter of recommendation, after receiving the letter. show a heartfelt thanks with a good thank you mail and best a gift to appreciate the favor done. Gifts should be delivered in person, they will gladly accept it.

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