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Germany Universities for Degree Study

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Degree study in Germany universities is a good decision. Many degree courses are offered by Germany universities to international students seeking for international study. As each programme prepares students, for a specific degree when students opt into a university in Germany.

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Germany universities are of various types,as universities mainly impart theoretical knowledge and usually offer a wide range of different subjects. But some specialize in a particular subject area and they are called technical universities.
There are ways to attend Germany universities;
  • Bachelor’s degree (as an undergraduate student)
  • Doctorate Degree (as a doctoral student)
  • Financial Aids and Scholarships (a semester or year study support from home university)
Great number of programs for a particular degree is available in Germany for International Students seeking for a country to study do consider Germany, so this could be a choice for you too.
A course study in a particular degree is certified with a certificate for the degree study (bachelor’s degree, master degree, doctorate degree.) Dual universities combine academic studies and vocational training. You can study for the following degrees at German universities:

Bachelor’s Degree in Germany Universities

The initial academic degree that is recognized is the bachelor’s degree, it’s internationally accepted and for job opportunities.  A successfully completed bachelor’s degree can launch you into a career or take the next academic degree (master’s degree)
Also a typical bachelor’s degree programmes  will include any of these the Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) for the engineering sciences, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) for the humanities and social sciences and the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) for technical and science courses.

 Advantages and Criteria of Bachelor’s Degree

On completion of bachelor’s degree you can either go directly into employment or apply for a master’s degree (MA) in a course/subject area that interests you.
Criteria are required before been admitted into a bachelor’s programme in Germany, you will have to fulfill several criteria. 
These will depend on the degree programme and the university of which you intend attending, inquiries on what is required are found at the foreign students’ office (Akademischen Auslandsamt) of the university to which you are applying below are some
  • Successful participation in a test or selection interview
  • A strong letter of motivation
  • Proof of language skills
 It is essential that international students can provide full records of their previous training. If student’s certificates are not issued in German or English, certified translations may be submitted by students.

Master’s Degree Study in Germany Universities

Master’s degree comes after bachelor degree at German universities. A prerequisite is that before master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) you should have successfully completed. During a master’s programme, you can deepen and widen your knowledge or specialize in a particular course field for over two or four semesters. e.g a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering during undergraduate can do a master’s in thermo fluids.
study in germany master study

Similar to bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree will also include these, Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) for the engineering sciences, Master of Arts (M.A.) for the humanities and social sciences and Master of Science (M.Sc.) for technical and science courses.

Advantages and Criteria for Master’s Degree Study

You will be able to specialize in a particular area with a master programme. This knowledge will give you a lot of options on the career market. Germany universities offers some master’s degree programmes  in English. If you want to study in English, you can inquire at international office or DAAD Online Website.
State examinations are taken for some degree programmes, like medicine, law, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, dentistrythis means that the final examination is organized and held by a government board. The examination regulations are determined not by the university but by the federal state.
You can sit the first state examination following theoretical academic studies in law, medicine and pharmacy, or after a teacher training course. Then a second state examination by a practical training period and you will need to be prepared.
Inquiries should be made whether the German state examination is recognized in your home country before applying.

Doctorate’s Degree Study in Germany Universities

You will write a dissertation or doctoral thesis on a specific subject. Depend on your research topic this will ascertain the duration you will spend. Most are two to five years as the doctoral studies end with the award of a PhD.
Studying for a doctorate, you will need to get a PhD supervisor. As is best you find one beforehand. Alternatively, you can have a fixed period of three years during which you work on your dissertation with several supervisors. You also need to clarify beforehand which university and the research focus that is available for your topic.

Germany Universities and Locations

For a degree study programme in a Germany university, consider  been admitted into one of the universities. Some  Germany universities are;

Germany Universities
Location in Germany
University of Tubingen
Heidelberg University
University of Munich
University of Marburg
Humboldt University of Berlin
University of Cologne
Dresden University of Technology
A great study are acquired in universties in Germany for international students

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