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Draper Hills Stanford Summer Fellowship Programme 2021 on Democracy and Development (Funded)

by Omale Philip
Draper Hills Summer Fellowship Programme 2021 on Democracy and Development
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Applications are invited for the 2021 Draper Hills Summer Fellowship on Democracy and Development at Standford University. The Darper Hills Summer fellowship brings mid-career practitioners in diverses field and train them as emerging leaders to advance their work.

The Standford University Draper Hills Summer Fellowship Programme 2021 is an intensive academic training for three weeks at the university

Application Deadline

Application for the Drapers Hills Summer Fellowship Programme deadline is January 11, 2021 Monday 5:00PM PST

About Draper Hills Summer Fellowship

Having the focus of training global leaders working on the front lines of democratic change.

Established in 2005, the Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program at Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law offers a three-week fellow training program for world democratic leaders who have attained senior positios in their respective fields.

The summer fellows program brings together a group of 25 to30 non academic mid-career practitioners inlaw,politics, government, private enterprise,civil society, and international development from all regions of the world.

This training program provides a unique forum for emerging leaders to connect, exchange experiences, and receive academic training to enrich their knowledge and advance their work.


Degree Level Type


Requirements For Draper Hills Summer Fellowship Programme 2021

Applicants must be at least 28 years of age at the start of the fellowship in July 2020. The average age of our fellows at the time of the program is 38-42.

Applicants must be from and currently reside in a country where democracy is not well entrenched. Candidates residing outside theirhome country duetowaror conflict maybe
granted exceptions. Applicants from countries such as: the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, and member states of the European Union will not be accepted

Candidates must be actively working in the field of democracy, development, and the rule of law. Candidates who are in the midst of full-time university degree
programs will not be accepted.

Applicants must have at least 10 to 12 years of experience and be mid-career practitioners to
qualify for the fellowship. More experience applicants are much more competitive in the summer fellowship program selection process

Candidates must have a solid command of writtenand spoken English. All program materials and sessions are in English.

English language proficiency is very importantin order to benefit and contribute to the program dialogue.

Documentation Required

The application contains the following

I. Applicant Information
II. Academics & Career Information
III. Resume/CV
IV. Essay Questions
V. English Language Proficiency
VI. Video Submission
VII. Financial Information
VIII.Letters of Recommendation
IX. Personal Certification

How To Apply For The Draper Hills Summer Fellowship Programme 2021

The Draper Hills Summer Fellows program uses the WizeHive online application system to manage all
incoming applications.

Visit the application portal, once on the online portal, creat an account.

Login to access the online application form

Submit two references for a furnish letter of recommnendation

Complete all application including submission of applicants letter of reference before the deadline.

Please Note: Once you submit your application form you can no longer return to make any changes. Do ensure to review all your workbefore clicking the “Submit”button at the end of the application form.

The system will notify you by email during the following stages in the application submission

1. When your application form has been received.
2. When letters of recommendation have been submitted on your behalf.
3. Once your application file is complete with a minimum of two letters of recommendation.

How Do I Know If My Letters Of Recommendation Have Been Submitted?

The system will send you an email message when your letters of recommendation have been submitted to the application system. You can also take responsibility to check the status of your letters of recommendation through the application portal and follow up with your recommenders directly before the application deadline

If a letter of recommendation has been uploaded to the system you will see a note in the”Status”field
that reads:

“Your letter of recommendation has been received from this recommender and is complete. No further action is required at this time from the applicant.

But If a letter of recommendation has not been uploaded to the system you will see the note “Status”field:”This person hasbeen contacted but no letter of recommendation has been received as of today.”

What Is The Acceptable CV/Resume Format?

The program team will not review CV’s longer than 3 pages in length. Your uploaded CVshould be in MS word document (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) no longer than 3pages in length.

Need To Apply?

Click Here, Visit and Apply For The Draper Hills Summer Fellowship 2021 Or See More Details On the Website

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