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Best Useful Educational and Learning Apps for Students

by Omale Philip
Best Useful Educational and Learning Apps for Students
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Gadgets and mobile phones have been considered to create distractions to students, but today technology world has invented and developed most useful educational learning apps for students to learn thereby changing what was known for distraction to be educating.

One might think that educational apps are only beneficial for students. But many educational apps can be used to study and learn online as it also enhances communication between the students, teachers, and parents. Because they are the ones, who matter the most to the students.

Web app developers has turned the use of smartphones not only for the basic functions but now include learning with educational apps. Explore the list of some useful educational learning apps for students to learn online.

Benefits Of Educational Apps

Among the various categories of app in stores, educational and learning apps are more popularly and rated than other apps because they are helpful;

  • Enhanced Classroom Performances
  • Ability to analyze and do critical thinking
  • Interactive And Engaging Learning
  • Unlimited Access To Educational Content
  • Collaboration Between Students, Teachers, And Parents
  • New Learning Techniques
  • Individual And Social Learning


Duolingo app has made learning easy, One of the top and best education app for learning new languages. Many languages like English, French, Spanish, Latin e.t.c can now be learnt with the education app designed like a game – fun and interactive to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills.


  • Leaderboards competition
  • 30 learning languages
  • Forum Discussion
  • Interactive Stories


This app brings your dream schools – universities to your fingertips. Who does not have a dream school and course?

Although, getting to our dream school can be challenging due to high tuition fee, acceptance rate, lack of finacial aids e.t.c

You can learn alot with edX, having a wide range of courses- computer science, engineering, business management, sciences from top ranked universities


  • Student Study Materials
  • Video tutorials
  • Many interactive quizzes


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Google Classroom

Get the best from the master, Google classroom is useful educating app for learning with lots of solutions to questions.

Setting up and joining a classroom is easy, just as life is easy with google from popular says “Google it”. Teachers create a class and shares the code. Students partake by joining-simply enter the code. That just what it takes for google virtual classroom.


  • Improved Organization
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Faster Grading Process


Free learning of codes, sololearn gives you access to programming languages – java, python, c++, PHP, HTML and many more.

If you are a coding enthusiast, welcome to the app home for tech and program lovers.


  • Free mobile code editor.
  • Interactive forum and community of coders and programmers
  • Tutorials on latest trend in coding.


Group learning has efficiently helped students, by filling the gaps in learning for students who don’t easily understand except in group study.

The app is useful in learning by facilitating us to get and stay connected with school communities- like teachers, students including parents.

You can join the community class using a unique class code, regular updates will be received by students on classroom activities just as social media apps or communication app- Telegram, WhatsApp update you on group activities.


  • Instant Messaging
  • Share Photos and study materials
  • Chat and language translation


Compared with other learning apps, Quizlet has several effective way to learn quick and at ease. Having various navigations for study, like writes, test, flashcards are designed to learn your different and desired topics.


  • Practice test
  • Standard exam study pack
  • Enhanced custom audio and pictures for learning.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy undoubtedly secured a top position on best useful learning and educating apps for students. The educational app provides free world class education for curious college fresher and ambitious high school graduates about entering colleges.

Lessons are in the form of video learning to drive visual and unforgettable knowledge.

The platform prepares high school students with material and prepares them with standardized practice tes for SAT, ACT etc.


  • Learning in multiple languages
  • Progress tracking
  • Practise exercises


College Reporters (CR) is among useful study platform to learn and get information. College Reporters bring together information from various community reporters to enhance access to study, financial aids, scholarships, awards, fellowships.

CR is a fast growing media platform to get support for your study program, CR brings together students and academicians from different regions, background, race, gender to participate in the pool of educating information shared.


  • Organized Categories
  • Access to study and scholarships information
  • Easy layout and navigation
  • Community of Reporters wit educating information


Looking for one place to find the stories to brighten your day, hit flipboard to get deep view to favorite news and social content, travels from around the world


Now that you have explore the list of useful educating and learning apps that are best for students, you may need to check out for others on app stores or your device store for interesting education app that support better learning.

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