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Best Pharmacy Colleges in Illinois 2023| Pharmacy Programs

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Best Pharmacy Schools in Illinois
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Planning to undertake a pharmacy degree program? Pharmacy schools in Illinois are leading colleges you should consider applying for study of accredited pharmacy degree program.

There is steady demand for pharmacist after graduating from the best pharmacy schools located in Illinois. Attending the pharmacy school having an accredited pharmacy degree program has a great benefit. It’s not just organizing your search of pharmacy college around you but knowing which is a better choice to attend and you can be a good fit for the school.

If you are plannig to attend or apply to pharmacy schools and colleges in Illnois as an in-state or non-resident students, we have taken it as responsibility to put together the best pharmacy schools. Do well to read  through inorder to organize your search for leading pharmacy schools in the region/state before applying to the top selected schools that you will be a good fit.

Why Study in Pharmacy Schools in Illinois

Illinois Pharmacy schools are recognized to provide students with a wide range of experiences so that each student develops and thrives in the healthcare world to become the best person he or she can be in the pharmacy industry.

The effective learning curriculum and efficient structured pharmacy program to enhance the professional competency of pharmacy graduates differentiates Pharmacy schools in Illinois from others. This is normally conducted through instilling the advanced pharmacy practice into the students, thereby developing the pharmacists’ capabilities in administering rational drug to patients in society.

Attending any of the six (6) Illinois Pharmacy Schools offering Pharmacy degree program has other fantastic benefits. They all provide accredited pharmacy programs for any individual who is interested in pursuing the career path by attending the best pharmacy schools in Illinois.

What Are The Entry Requirement For Pharmacy Schools in Illinois?

Going attend one of the pharmacy college located in Illinois? Knowing the general entry requirement is necessary to enable you apply to the pharmacy schools in Illinois.

Any student aspiring to become a pharmacist and want to apply to a pharmacy school in Illinois need to meet the requirement for entry into the colleges. They are necessary requirements that must be met to study pharmacy.

Here are the entry requirements for Illinois pharmacy schools and colleges. However, you may need to check with schools for additional requirements to study in the selected pharmacy school in Illinois.

  • PCAT Score
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Proof of English Language Test (Non English speakers)

How Long Will It Take To Study in Pharmacy Schools- Illinois?

Only undergraduate pharmacy degree program take a period of three to four years.

To become a pharmacist, schools in Illinois offering pharmacy degree programs require you to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree.

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program can be earned in pharmacy schools in Illinois for a period of 4 years.

So it will take you a total of about (6 to 8 years) to earn a pharmacy degree in any pharmacy schools in Illinois.

Here Are List Of Best Pharmacy Schools-Colleges in Illinois 2020

S/N Illinois Pharmacy Schools Location
1. University of Illinois Chicago
2. Chicago State University Chicago
3. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Edwardsville
4. Roosevelt University Chicago
5. Midwestern University – Downers Grove Downers Grove
6. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science North Chicago

These pharmacy schools in Illinois are ranked the best. The colleges offering pharmacy degree program are ranked using our ranking factors below

Offered Pharm.D Program: Colleges on our list offering fully Pharm. D programs inorder to practice pharmacy after graduation.

Accredited Pharmacy Degree Program: Schools having fully accredited Pharmacy degree programs and have been accredited by the body/agency incharge of accreditation.

Number of Students: The schools are organized by size with the the numbers of students attending the college.

University of Illinois

Available Pharmacy Degree Program: Pharm.D

Located in the Illinois at Chicago is the University of Illinois. UIC College of Pharmacy offers accredited pharmacy degree program (Pharm.D). Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) is the agency that accredits The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy.

The four years Doctor of Pharmacy degree enable students who want to practice pharmacy earn a degree from the school.

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is the largest university in Chicago state having 15 colleges, 2,600 dedicated academic staff that enable a learning environment for about 30,00 students in various field of discipline.

The pharmacy coursework during the first year comprises and is not limited to drug action, integrated physiology, pharmacokinetics, US healthcare systems e.t.c. The second to final year will have advanced courses and credit hours of pharmacy practice, IPPE where you will be trained to meet the demand as skillful pharmacist.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Available Pharmacy Degree Program: Pharm.D

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is located in Edwardsville, Illinois state. The School of pharmacy offers a four years fully accredited PharmD course which can be completed in the school.

In the cause of carrying out the course program, the faculty and students engage in a variety of research projects to improve drug design and development, drug delivery, and disease therapy. They also conduct clinical research designed to directly improve patient care.

Chicago State University

Available Pharmacy Degree Program: Pharm.D

Located in Chicago is the 150 years Chicago State University. The pharmacy school provides students with the foundation of knowledge vital to the professional pharmacy curriculum.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program is for 4 years only where you must have completed the 2-year pre-pharmacy course to enroll for the Pharm.D program with the school.

The pharmacy school fully prepare graduates to enter the pharmacy profession in a variety of practice settings. Students are taken through the professional curriculum at the college of pharmacy which comprises of advanced pharmacy practice experiences and 41-credit hours of introductory, core pharmacy studies and elective courses.

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Roosevelt University

Available Pharmacy Degree Program: Pharm.D

Situated in Chicago, Illinois, the pharmacy school is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). The pharmacy college offers patient-centered and innovative learning experience to about 68 students in each class, with state-of-the-art medical equipment and highly qualified faculty and staff.

Roosevelt University effectively equips students undertaking pharmacy degree program to be competent, compassionate pharmacists through the 3 years pharmacy program and curriculum.

Application for admission to the pharmacay program requires submission of PharmCAS application, completion of 57-semester hour pre-pharmacy course and other formalities.

Midwestern University – Downers Grove

Available Pharmacy Degree Program: Pharm.D

Located in Downers Grove, Illinois state, the college of pharmacy at Midwestern University is committed to provide excellent education and practices in pharmacy through innovative and collaborative efforts required to upgrade healthcare standards in the state of Illinois

Upon graduation, graduate students will be fully capable to practice patient-centered care, manage pharmacy practice and promote health and wellness in a professional manner.

Midwestern University offers two flexible options for the Pharm.D program, you can undertake the accelerated graduation and complete the entire pharmacy courswork in 3 years or take the standard graduation and complete the 4 years pharmacy coursework to earn a Pharm.D. However, both will require to complete advanced pharmacy practice experience.

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Available Pharmacy Degree Program: Pharm. D

Located in North Chicago of the nation.You will be engaged in interprofessional education when studying for your PharmD at Rosalind Franklin University college of pharmacy.

The Pharm.D program offered at Rosalind Franklin University provide patient-centered education and career-focused training required to thrive in the fast-paced healthcare industry.

Pharmacy curriculum of the first year comprises of basic principles of pharmacy, physiology and pharmacology; and the remaining three years includes instructive coaching and 54-hour APPE during every year.

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How To Be a Pharmacist In Illinois

The Pharm. D program allows you to earn a pharmacy degree and be able to practice pharmacy. But basically Illinois General Assembly expect that for any one to practice pharmacy in Illinois state. The pharmacist must be licensed, by apply to the board and writing the NAPLEX exam and on pass will be offered licensed as a pharmacist.

Pharmacist Job Outlook And Salaries In Illinois

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states on an average, a pharmacist in Illinois earns an average annual salary of $125,360, when compared with national pharmacist earning, it’s slightly lower. Also, a pharmacist working part-time earns an hourly wage of $60.27

Details form career one stop projected 10 years employment growth rate. Employment of pharmacist in Illinois state is 1.79% where job opening each will be about 650 jobs.


Attending the best pharmacy school having accredited pharmacy degree program has a great benefit. It’s not just organizing your search of pharmacy college around you but knowing which is a better choice to attend and you can be a good fit for the school.

Also, planning or earning a pharmacy degree from the leading pharmacy school can open doors for job position if you need to work as professional in the pharmacy sector. You will gain the demanded skills through advanced pharmacy practice experiences during the pharmacy coursework in school.

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