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5 Best Finance Tips For Studying Abroad in France

by Omale Philip
Best Finance Tips For Studying Abroad in France
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Interested in Studying Abroad in France, you will need some finance tips with you to enable you study with ease overseas. France is among the selected destination by college students to pursue their academic study. The country is listed in popular study destination chosen in the world for some reasons.

If going to study abroad in France, really necessary you acquire some financial guides and tips to keep you from spending large sum of money. The French language is one you would love to understand and speak, beautiful place with cool entertainment can be located in France, wines and delicious food are not left out.

Large number of student population crave to study in France and abroad, students from developing countries, African, Asia and Europe hail the country as they take part in the Erasmus programme.

If you looking to study abroad in France, read these five best financial tips to help you spend less money while taking your study abroad. First let’s answer some question asked.

Is Studying Abroad in France Worth It?

The answer is certain. Yes, studying in France and Abroad is worth it. International students study in France famous universities because of low tuition fees when compared to the like of US, UK, Canada schools. This makes it hvery affordable for students to come study in France. Also you are priviledge to work for some period while taking your studies in France.

What are the Requirements to Studying Abroad in France?

If you are planning to pursue your bachelor, masters and doctorate degree level program in France, You wil have to meet some university requirements to study in France. Below are some of the requirements to study in France and school.

  • University application
  • University offer of admission
  • Copy of passport
  • Academic transcripts
  • Reference Letter
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Passport photograph
  • Finace Record/ Support documents
  • Copy of health insurance

What are the Best Degree Program to Study in France?

Is studying abroad in France you plan or have you made the decision? Student come to France for wide range of courses available and offered by the universities. You can pursue your dream subjec by taking bachelor, masters, and doctorate degree program in France.

Can I Work While Studying in France?

Oh yes, you may but you are limited with the hours during the year of study. Students who work in France while studying do for about 18 hours in a week.

Are There Language Requirements to Studying in France?

Again Oui meaning yes. if you are taking a course in French but if you will be studying in English language then there is no need.

A large number of students study in France without a knowledge of French. so you are not an exception as a foreign student.

Now lets focus on the topic,Before heading off to study abroad in France. Ensure you don’t leave home without reading some essential financial tips. so get all you can as we have listed the top financial tips here if you are going to be studying in France and abroad.

Proper Budget Planning

If you’re planning about studying in France, this is one thing you should not overlook. Planning your budget and living expense. This can be the obvious staring point so don’t worry as it’s easy to simply add some estimates and you sure will be done with it

However, you should know that living cost can be a little higher in the country capital Paris than in other provinces/region. And for some reason that bills and transportation aren’t included in the cost of your accommodation. According to cost of living by topuniversities if you choose to study your degree , there is lower cost of 30 – 40 percent at Montpellier southern France. A business schoool recommends the following as student budget, if you plan to study abroad in France.

  • $22- $34 (€25 – €30) per month Transportation
  • $452 – $678 (€400 – €600) per month Accommodation
  • $226 – $339 ( €200 – €300 ) per month Miscellaneous

As a result of purchasing essential items, documents translation, campus fee, temporary accomodation (if needed), which is one off cost. You have to take note that expenses will be higher for the first month as result of all these bills.

Some students answered when asked how they prepared their financial budget before going to France. All that is required is to include some finance for unknown bills before receiving information from the school international student adviser office. As they will provide you with clear idea of the cost of living in the country.

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Financial Aids and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are not just for scholars with excellent academic background. There are need based scholarships, bursaries and funding from schools-universities, colleges, and government which are allocated to international students.

You can find out scholarships to study in France, like Erasmus Scholarships, for exchange students, The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship, merit-based scholaarships and other internatioanal student scholarshps are provided by universities.

Also CAF is strongly recommended if you are going to live in France. CAF is the government funding body that provides students many different services. You will need to open a international bank account to access CAF fund.

Open an International Bank Account

Since all your expenses will carried out using an international currency and not your home country currencies. Opening up an international bank account will go a long way help you properly manage your monthly expenses and payment of bills.

Also, it enables you to have access to CAF services once your French bank account is set up.

Study in France Public Universities

Going to study abroad in France public institutions is one way to reduce your expenses. France has many higher education institutions that you can apply for a degree program. Most universities in France are public and charge lower t

Look for Cheaper Shops

There are great stores in France that sell things at very affordable prices to people. Take advantage of shopping from these stores including shopping for food.

You will be amazed by the amount of cash that will be saved by so doing.

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How Long Does It Take to Open France Bank Account?

It does not take long to set up an international bank account in France. First thing you need to do is get proof of address, so once you have accommodation, you can set up your France bank account. You will need to present the neccessary documentations-passport and proof of accommodation to make the process fast as possible.

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So, if going to study abroad in France, remember to follow this finance tips to help you spend less and give yourself enough time to research your options, plan to enable you reduce your expenses.


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