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15 Best Biology Schools in the World 2020

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Best Biology Schools in the World
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Interested in taking a major in biology at colleges or universities? what are the best biology schools if you want to attend a higher institution and pursue a career in biology field.
You are not here by mistake as we are helping students with information they seek to pursue their choice of course study to undertake a particular program.

If you are interested in studying biology or related course, we’ve list top 15 best biology schools in the world. Read further to see the top colleges and university for biology

Why Study Biology

The choice of pursuing a study in biology or related field is a good decision to help land you in science career. Students who study biology acquire a range of knowledge combined with laboratory researches which enable them to practice sciences throughout their life.

You get a feel of science, living things- plants and animals. Also, students can opt -in to any of the ranging fields in biology to help you focus on a particular course path. Many students who selected or got offer for biology subjects in the university can tell great experiences of the laboratory researches in research centres in their institution.

A large number of students get awards, scholarships and funding to undertake biology and relating subjects and also some register for membership of institutes or organization for awards while in school and are offered professional qualification after graduation. Graduates in biology get memorable experiences and knowledge for life to enable them practice in the field.

So you don’t need to worry if the subject will be interesting, all you need is buckle up to get filled with the knowledge acquired over years from professors lecturing in the schools. Maybe you can be a lecturer favorite or best student.

What Career are Available for Biology Graduates

There are so many professional careers you can belong if you want to practice biology as a science after graduating from the college or university. While some go for further studies -MSc or PhD programs to enable professional practice in the field.

Students who are graduates from science subjects like biology do work in organizations and industries that offer the opportunity to practice the profession as biologist. Many have gainfuly been employed as graduate trainee in top leading biological science research centres, firms, industries, laboratories, and higher education institutions.

You are not left out when talking about the career for graduates in biology field, there are a wide range of careers available for graduates with a degree certificate in biology. Below are some career options you can practice in this field after graduation.

Medical or Health Service Manager: Specialist in this position are required to carry and provide medical services while they communicate and interpret scientific regulations that are related to medical services. They assist organization recruit, evaluate and supervise health researchers and professionals for employment and other related activities.

Bio Technician: Biology technicans is an incredible career position many graduates do love to begin their practice, The job position gives you the responsibilities to work with team of researchers, doctors, pharmacist in laboratories and research centre.

They provide support to aid research or laboratory related issues. Many bio-technicians participate, conduct research and studies in related fields.

Health Educator: Just as it implies educate, teach and promote health wellness and healthy behaviours of individuals. They provide researched information about public health and design-related programmes to suit the needs of public individuals.

A good understanding of the human body is a strong skill required of the health educators. Also, they need skills – strong interpersonal and communication skill to be able to convey health information properly.

Physician/ Health Counsellor Assistant: This career is in high pursuit because of the nature and responsibilities of the job. They must have a solid understanding of human anatomy, biological make-up, and physiology in order to be able to diagnose related medical problems.

They must have a penchant for learning and remembering scientific terminologies for the sake of professionalism.

Primary Health Care: Many graduates found themselves to be in the position of primary health care workers providing health care to communities in rural areas from organizations who provide health support to individuals in such locality. Some organizations like the World Health Organisation, the United Nations and many other international, government or private organizations.

The fact is they love the role play, seeing themselves offering medical services to those in need of health amenities while assisting the pharmacists and doctors.

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What is the Salary Scale for a Biologist

Professionals in this career are well respected in the society for their contribution to the health of persons. And for this very responsibilities the career salary is very promising. But here are some salary pay for professionals in the field, informations are gotten from estimations by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) estimates of 2018.

  • Medical and Health Service Managers: the salary range for this specialist range between $58 680 and $182 600 per annum.
  • Nurse Practitioners: the salary range is between $80 670 and $107 030 per annum.
  • Bio Technician: Those in this career get the salary range between $29 330 and $71 440 per annum.
  • Health Educator: Their salary ranges between $26 070 and $65 890 per annum.
  • Physician Assistant: Graduate salary scale range is between $69 120 and $151 850 per annum.
  • Sales Representatives of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products: Their salary range is between $39 960 and $156 630 per annum.

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Having gotten all these information, Here  are the top fifteen best schools for biology  in the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is established and situated at Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge in the United State and the university offers graduate degrees in biology. The average SAT score for applicants is around 1524 and the school fees are relatively cheap. The acceptance rate is 7% and the graduation rate is 95%.

Graduates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in general Biology are ranked in qualification and education knowledge acquired. They also get additional earnings of around $4,596 over the average earnings of general biology graduates from other higher institutions.

Any student looking for top ranked school to pursuing a degree in general biology needs to select the institution among their choice of school. MIT also offers advancement to study for students seeking to undertake graduate study in general biology.

University of California

The University of California in the USA is among the country ranked higher institution and offers graduate degrees in biology. The average SAT score for entry is 1310. The acceptance rate is 7% and the graduation rate is 95%.

Rutgers University

The Rutgers University is located at New Brunswick, New Jersey in the United States. Rutgers University offers different range of degree programmes to both foreign and national students.
The average SAT score required by Rutgers University is 1230 with a tuition fee around $25 627 per year. The student acceptance rate is 57% and the graduation rate is 81%.

Stanford University

The University offers a degree programme in general biology. Standford University acceptance rate is 5% and the graduation rate is 94%.

University of Oxford

Located at Oxford, United Kingdom, The university acceptance rate is 18% and the graduation rate is 64%. There is no guarantee of accommodation for students in the university campus, except in the first academic year. Also, the tuition fees are affordable with scholarship and award support for international and Non-EU students.

Duke University

Duke University offers a wide range of graduate degree programmes. The university acceptance rate is 10% and the graduation rate is 95%. Duke University offers a good learning environment for students to connect, learn, experience and explore their campus.

Emory University

Emory University is a private university if you are interested in private schools and one of the best in the United States. The acceptance rate is 25% and the graduation rate is 91%.
The higher institution offers student loan of 1.4% lower than the average student loans in the USA.

Tuft University

The university made is among top university in the United State offering general biology. Tuft University is located at Medford in Massachusetts and offers postgraduate degrees in Biology for advanced study. The university average SAT score requirement for entry is 1445, having student acceptance rate of 15% and that of graduation is 86.7% which is a good advantage to include the school in your choice of universities as student.

Below are other best biology schools that offer great programme

Best Biology Schools in USA

Here is a list of best schools for biology course in the United State

  • Yale University
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Stanford University
  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University

Best Biology Schools in UK

The following biology schools are located in the United Kingdom, if you interested in undertaking biology course in the UK

  • Imperial College London
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Birmingham

Other Top Biology Schools

  • University of Melbourne – Australia
  • University of Toronto – Canada
  • ETH – Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Switzerland
  • University of Tokyo -Japan
  • National University of Singapore – Singapore

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