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8 Best Aviation Schools in Cape Town That Will Interest You

by Omale Philip
Aviation Schools In Cape Town
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Do you want to walk on the earth with your face always looking up in the sky searching for flying aircrafts? These Best Aviation Schools in Cape Town are strongly recommended and will interest you to attend because they are the leading flight schools that will enhance your learning of pilot courses.

The top aviation schools is Cape Town that are selected and considered among the best flight schools in the country today and have better state of art facilities to enhance your learning alongside good team of instructors.

These flight schools in Cape Town that you will find here are the selected institute and academy that most today professional in the country do have their training and get license. It’s strongly recommended you know about their aviation school requirements for enrollment Before concluding your search and registering to any of the schools.

But if you are precisely looking for the aviation schools in Cape Town with affordable fees. These Best Aviation Schools in Cape Town, South Africa country listed here will interest you to start a flight training course and get license to fly a plane possible to heaven.

What Are The Requirement For Attending Aviation Schools

As an aviation student aiming to become a Pilot in the country and fly planes. The flight training schools here are well structured and has equipped facilities to enhance your learning.

However the below requirements for any aviation schools in Cape Town including those ones in South Africa must be met to enroll for flight training.

  • Be of age 17 above: Student who want to enroll into the flight school have to be at least 17 years.
  • Complete high school/secondary school: Students must have finish their grade 12 and obtain a certificate of completion.
  • Have a science knowledge or be a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) student.
  • Must have passed final senior school examination and possess a minimum of 5 Credits in the subjects-Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Geography, and Chemistry.
  • Possess a student Pilot License (provided by the aviation school you are enrolled)

How You Can Find Aviation Schools In Cape Town With Affordable Fees For Pilot Training

The flight schools can be difficult to make a choice, if you don’t know where to begin your search or which to select from the search results available.

To assist you find the best aviation schools near, do start your search by check this list of flight courses and the aviation schools in Cape Town offering them.

Many individuals use the professional pilots and instructor suggested top training institutes -these flight schools in Pretoria are offering standard training at affordable fees.

However, you may ask a few family relatives, mentors who are pilots or instructors for their choices or aviation schools they attended.


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Flight Courses Offered By Aviation Schools in Cape Town, South Africa

Find below the flight school courses you can register for in any of the aviation schools in Cape Town. However if you already have one in mind then see if the list of aviation schools around Cape Town do offer your preferred course or license of interest.

Once you have the complete information about the flight schools, courses, location which will be provided here, you can start enrollment into any of the best aviation schools in South Africa including those  flight schools in Pretoria with cheap course fees.

  • Aviation Security
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Safety Management System
  • Cabin Crew/Air hostess
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flight Instructor
  • Multi-Engine Class Rating
  • Radio License
  • Aircraft Avionic Instrument Rating
  • Gyrocopter
  • Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic

How You Can Become A Pilot In Cape Town

If you dream of becoming a commercial pilot, in no time you can become when you take the necessary trainings from any aviation schools with license needed to be fly a plane.

Search for Flight School: Attending an aviation school and receiving flight training with license is a core requirement to become a pilot. But you must first search for flight schools that will offer the opportunity to get professional flight training

Find out the flight training available by the aviation schools in Capet Town and compare the programs and fees. Then selet the best flight school that you are a good fit for your aviation career.

Enroll For Introductory Flight Training and Get Medical Certificate: Pilot must meet the basic requirement, successful completion of introductory flight training and having medical certificate. The introductory flight training lesson will help you see first-hand the pilot training, aircraft, and quality of instruction and material offered by an aviation school. It is also a great opportunity to get a better bird eye view.

Apply For Flight Training And Take Courses Available: Begin taking flight courses by the aviation training center or academy to become professional pilot.

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Here Are The Best Aviation Schools In Cape Town That Will Interest You To Attend

These list of flight schools in Cape Town offer affordable fees for their flight courses that will interest you to register. Do click on any of them for an overview details.

S/N Aviation Schools In Cape Town, South Africa
1. Morningstar Flight Academy
Cape Town Flight Training Centre
Aerosport Flight Training
Cape Town Flying Club
4 Aviators Pilot Training
Deal Alliance Aviation Training
7. Sky Flight Training
8. Stellenbosch Flight Academy

1. Morningstar Flight Academy

The Morningstar Flight Academy is one of the leading aviation schools in Cape Town. If you do have the dream of flying plane, then this flight school can be your top choice of training centre.

The flight school will offer you pilot training which will make those dreams come true as they have excellent, passionate and committed team of flying instructors who are readily available to train students both a full-time and part-time.

At Morningstar Flight Academy a one on one attention to provide the excellent and strict training with high standard of safety and maintenance of aircraft. They offer wide range of pilot training from PPL through night rating.

Flight Courses Available

Private Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

Instructor Rating License

Flight Simulator


National Pilot License

Website: https://msfa.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 21 569 3726

Address: Hangar SE1 Morningstar Airfield, Van Schoorsdrif Road, Cape Farms, Cape Town

2. Cape Town Flight Training Centre

The Cape Town Flight Training Centre (CTFTC) can be your preferred and interesting aviation schools. The institute take s it as it core goal to provide the best possible training for student pilots on their way to becoming competent private pilot or professional pilot.

This flight school in Cape Town can be the right choice of flight training schools in the area if you want to learn how to fly and be successful in your flying career.

At CTFTC your safety is at heart and considered of paramount importance as they have high maintenance standards that are applied to large commercial aircrafts. The flight school does not utilize non-certified (experimental) aircraft for your flight training.

The Cape Town Flight Training Centre provide you with all that is required to go all the way to a multi engine Instrument rating. They are fully equipped and hold license examination in their hall

Courses Offered

Night Rating

Instrument Rating

Private Pilot License

Instructor Rating

Commercial Pilot License

Multi Engine Rating

Website: http://www.cape-town-flying.co.za

Phone Number: +27 (0) 21 976 7053 and +27 (0) 84 440 7922

Address: Fisantekraal Airfield Lichtenburg Road Durbanville Western Cape, South Africa

3. Aerosport Flight Training

The Aerosport Flight Training is one flying school you will learn to fly plane and become a pilot in no time. This is one flight school in Cape Town considered as a premier school that offers you professional flight training in with safety and professional flight standard considered.

They provide introductory flight and flight training to enable you get your license in the shortest time. Th flight school pride itself in possession of several aircrafts from Cessna 172 to Savanna XL VG alongside other aircrafts that will give you the best training experience.

Courses Offered

Night Rating

Instrument Rating

Private Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

Instructor Rating


Website: http://www.aerosport.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 (0)21 001 8802 and +27 (0) 84 440 7922

Address: Wintervogel Airfield Northeast of Cape Town, North of Durbanville, South Africa

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4. Cape Town Flying Club

Cape Town Flying Club offers wide range of pilot training form introductory flight to commercial pilot license. This aviation school in Cape Town is exactly located at the Cape Town International Airport, South Africa.

The capital is one of the exact place of interest in the country making it a good learning place to have you flying and getting the bird eye view.

They have professional pilots and team of instructors who committed to provide you the training you desire to achieve your dream of flying. The introductory flight allow you to get a taste of what it’s like to get behind the control of a light aircraft.

You will get hands on skills, remarkable knowledge and lasting memories of your flight training from flying at international airport while following given instructions form air traffic controller and looking out for commercial airliners.

Pilot Training Courses

Instructor Rating

Private Pilot License

Night Rating

Commercial Pilot License

Website: https://www.capetownflyingclub.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 21 934 0257

Address: Douglas Road, General Aviation Area, Cape Town International Airport South Africa

5. 4 Aviators

At 4 Aviators, you can get the needed knowledge and experience all delivered in a high quality pilot training program for students who do need to get plane flying from the country to overseas. This aviation school operating in Cape Town, South Africa International Airport make good use of the runway with real airspace congestion and strict training to enhance your learning to become trained and professional pilot.

The 4 Aviation Flight School provide a personal attention so you can enhance your learning ability at a good pace in order to achieve your goal.

Among the aviation schools in Cape Town that are registered with South African Civil Aviation Authority, the 4 Aviation is one you can confirm the registration before commencing your training.

Website: https://4aviators.com/

Phone Number: +27 (0) 82 768 1754

Address: Cape Town International Airport, South Africa

6. Deal Alliance Aviation Training

Deal Alliance have amazing instructors always willing to give you all needed support and to ensure your flight school training is a huge success.

If going to attend an aviation school in Cape Town, you should check the Deal Alliance, they can be the perfect choice of flight schools you seek to get your pilot training.

Their team of pilot trainers tremendously instill in the students the maxim, all areas from practical training to examination and flight operation under safety standards.

Courses Offered

Restricted Radio License

Commercial Pilot License

Instrument Rating

Crew Resource Management

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Safety Management Systems

Website: https://www.dealalliance.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 (0) 82 495 8179

Address: Beechcraft Road, Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town

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7. Sky Flight Training

You can become the pilot you dream to be while in an aviation industry through learning with Sky Flight Training.

This flight academy is more than just a good school for you who is residing in Cape Town. They pride in assisting students start their career with company of mixed people by flying plane and completing private flying license within 6 months

Flight Courses Offered

Private Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

Flight Instructor Rating

Website: https://skyflighttraining.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 (0) 79 973 0643

Address: Titanium House, 19 Gardner Williams Avenue, Paardevlei, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa.

8. Stellenbosch Flight Academy

You may want to consider this flight school near Cape Town. The Stellenbosch Flight Academy is one flying institutes with strong focus on advanced flight and ground training. The have standard state of art facilities for flight simulation. This aviation school is situated in Stellenbosch not far from Cape Town.

Their cost for training and licensing very affordable if you do want to renew your license before it lapse. At Stellenbosch Flight Academy they provide a C425 Conquest (Turboprop) simulator model to get your familiarized with the aircraft type.

Website: http://www.simflight.co.za/

Phone Number: +27 (0)21 8800227

Address: Hanger 3, Stellenbosch Airfield Off the R44 Stellenbosch, South Africa.

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How Much Does Aviation Schools In Cape Town, South Africa & Program Cost?

The average duration of flight training takes around 18 months and average fee for a flight aviation training range from a $50,000 to $75,000 to get your CPL in South Africa.

However do take notice that flight courses such as night rating, instrument rating license each do cost extra fee of about $50,000. And you will need further training and license to get a job in an airline as a pilot.

Aviation Careers In South Africa After Attending Flight School?

Seems you already made up your mind, so if you think you can land an aircraft on the moon or teach a 16 year old teenage to fly a plane, the aviation industry should get you hired.

Here are few aviation careers that are really in high demand in the country.

  • Airline Private and Commercial Pilots
  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics/Technicians
  • Aerospace Engineering And Operation Technicians
  • Flight attendants/Cabin Crew Manager

If you are thinking hard on each of them responsibilities. These description of everyone role is provided below as they are key personnel to watch out for in the aviation industry, airports and inside the airplane.

Airline Pilots: There are private and commercial pilots, and basically fly passengers and cargo between destinations (countries).

Air Traffic Controllers: These personnel’s do control, monitor, and authorize the landing, taking off, and other instructions that the pilots will need while they are high in the sky.

Flight Attendant: Flight attendants are often called Air host/hostess and they play the role of ensuring the comfort of passengers in the airplane. Sometimes called Cabin Crew. If you have the desire of becoming a flight attendant or having a job which allows you travel the world and see places, attending a flight attendant school in South Africa can help you pursue your choice of career.

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics/Technicians: They play the role of inspecting and maintaining the aircraft for proper safety while flying in air and landing on airports.

Aerospace Engineering And Operation Technicians: develop and test new designs of aircraft and aircraft equipment. They also maintain aircraft.

How Much Do Pilots In South Africa Earn?

Becoming a commercial airline pilot is a good job position in the aviation industry. For pilots in South Africa, your first year salary as a commercial pilot at the South African Airways can earn you around R900,000 per annum. But with time you rise to international pilots and gain premium recognition your earning can become huge as professional in the field. All this come with responsibilities as a commercial pilot.

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Asanele August 29, 2022 - 6:45 PM

I would like to part of pilot aviation as i like to do practicals and meet the requirements

College Reporters Staff August 29, 2022 - 6:54 PM

To become a pilot, you need to meet the requirements to be able to fly an aircraft for private or commercial aircraft.

– Frist, be of age 16 above
– Enroll in a reputable flight school closest to you and
-Get your flight introduction course
-Then take other courses to complete a desired number of flight hours.
Pass the examination and Graduate to get certified.
You can fly aircraft as private plane pilot.

During this period acquire more experience to proceed for commercial pilot with airlines in your country.


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