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Allianz Climate Risk Research 2020 Award

The Allianz Climate Risk Research Award supports scientific research that improves our understanding of climate change-related risks. The climate research monetary award 2020 will be offered to researchers whose research focuses on how science can help insurers deal with extreme weather and climate risks.

Application for the Allianz Climate Risk Research 2020 Award is now open to individual who have interest in research and are working on research that reduces high weather and climate risk.

The Award is intended to support researchers whose research focuses on:

  • Reducing the risk of extreme weather events that are intensified by climate change.
  • Fostering resilience by applying technological solutions.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Allianz Climate Risk Research Award closes August 31, 2020

Why Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

The effects of climate change can already be felt today. At Allian, It is our duty as a company to engage with academics, policy makers and civil society to improve our understanding of climate risks in order to provide solutions“

You will be offered Monetary award for research that focuses on how science can help deal and improve the challenge/understanding with extreme weather and climate risks.

Degree Level: Postgraduate (PhD)

Location: Munich Germany


Successful qualified researchers will be offered award of

  • Monetary award:
  1. EUR 7.000 First finalist
  2. EUR 5.000 Second finalist
  3. EUR 3.000 Third finalist
  4. EUR 2.000 Fourth finalist
  • Invitation for a one-day Award event in Munich with all costs covered.
  • Exposure of the finalists’ research projects on the website allianz.com
  • Exclusive insights into the insurance industry’s work on climate change and extreme weather events.
  • Participation in a discussion round with the Award’s jury, experts and other guests from Allianz Group and academia.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Interested Candidates must meet the following criteria.

  • Be PhD students who is currently underaking a PhD program and is in the final stages of their research
  • Be a postdoctoral researchers who have recently finished their research.
  • Students who are from the fields of natural and social sciences are welcome to apply.
  • Research that improve our understanding of climate change -related risk and focuses on how science can help insurers deal with extreme weather and climate risks.

Documentation Required

As part of the application process, applicants must provide

  • Letter of reference form the candidate’s academic mentor.
  • Submit a two-page non-technical essay based on their research.
  • Completely filled and signed declaration form.
  • Completely filled research award application form.

Selection criteria

Innovation: Research project is focused on a compelling approach for assessing risks of natural catastrophes and how new technologies can help mitigate these risks and foster resilient societies.

Impact: Research project can make a difference on the current insurance practice and/or advance current practices around societal resilience.

Applicability: Research project addresses a relevant problem and is ideally connected to a practical solution.

Academic excellence: Sound research approach and methodology.

How to Apply for Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

Interested in submitting an application for the Allianz Climate Risk Research 2020 Award. follow the given procedure.

Application Procedure

Application for the research award is online application

Download research application form and fill all required details.

Fill and sign the research declaration form

Need to Apply?

Attach all the documentation given with the application form and send to award@allianz.com

Need More Information?

Get the compendium or visit the official website of Allianz Climate Risk Research Award 2020

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