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Albert Einstein Young Scientist Scholarship 2022 For International Students in Germany (Funded)

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Albert Einstein Young Scientist Scholarship 2022

Want to become a scientist. Applications are now open for Albert Einstein Young Scientist Scholarship 2020. The Albert Einstein funding by Einstein Forum and the Daimler and Benz Foundation supports young scholars carry out research.

The Albert Einstein Fellowship , Funded Scholarship provides scholars, young scientist who are outstanding an opportunity to carry out science research project in the German country that is outside of their previous work.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for Albert Einstein Young Scientist Scholarship closes on May 15, 2021.

About Albert Einstein Funded Scholarship

Albert Einstein Scholarship is awarded by the Einstein Forum and the Daimler and Benz Foundation. The aim is to support those young universalists who are not only characterized by their exceptional achievements in a specific scientific field, but also by their interdisciplinary commitment.

The search for an outstanding young scientist like Einstein, the Scholarship seeks to offer outstanding young scientists from Germany and abroad the opportunity to carry out a research project that is outside of their previous work.

Location: Germany

Duration: 5- 6 Months

Degree Level Program: Research (Fellowship)


The Albert Einstein Scholarship will offer scholars

  • a stipend of EUR 10,000 and
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses.
  • Five to six months living accommodations at in the garden cottage of Einstein`s own summerhouse in Caputh, Brandenburg.

Requirements and Eligibility For Albert Einstein Young Scientist Scholarship

  • All applicants should not be above 35 years of age
  • Hold a a qualified university degree in a humanities, social sciences or natural sciences subject.
  • Submit a complete application containing a résumé and an exposé of the project planned as part of the scholarship (both translated in English)
  • Provide two references (scientist)
  • All applicants submitted scholarship application are evaluated according to the quality, originality and feasibility of the project proposals as well as according to the scientific background of the applicant

PLEASE NOTE: Application And Funding for Research projects within a dissertation will not be considered. Subject project must differ significantly in content, area and form from applicants previous work.

Is TOEFL/IELTS Required For Albert Einstein Young Scientist Scholarship?

We do not require TOEFL/IELTS results, only the documents listed in your application, as your application should already reflect mastery of English.

Should My Letter of Reference Be Attached to My Application?

The scholarship application will accept either attachment of letter of reference in your application or recommenders sending it themselves separately. But we recommend that your reference letters be emailed to us directly by your respective authors/referees

What Kind of Project/Research Can I Propose?

Note: All application documents must be in English, but if available in other languages, need to be translated to English language. Your proposed project must not be part of your dissertation or thesis, as there are no limitations on the project you may propose as long as you can defend your idea as interesting, original, and feasible during the fellowship period.

Please do also consider/check whether the facilities available to you here would suitably allow you to pursue your project.

Selection and Evaluation

All submitted applications will be evaluated. The selection and evaluation of the application takes place according to the quality, originality and feasibility of the projects proposal as well as according to the scientific background knowledge of the applicants.

Please Note: The Einstein funded scholarship is not intended for applicants who wish to complete an academic study they have already begun.

It is not relevant whether the applicant has begun working toward, or currently holds, a PhD. The proposed project need not be entirely completed during the time of the fellowship

Documentation Required For Albert Einstein Scholarship

All applicants need to submit the following as path of required documents

  • A CV
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • A two (2) page project proposal

NOTE: All documents must be in English language.

How To Apply For Albert Einstein Scholarship As Young Scientist.

Applications for Albert Einstein Scholarship 2022 should include a CV, a two-page project proposal, and two letters of recommendation. All documents must be received by May 15, 2021.

Need To Apply?

Click Here, Visit and Apply for the Albert Einstein Scholarship 2022

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