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Abroad Universities Without Application Fee For International Students

by College Reporters Staff
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Find the universities with no application fee, universities abroad  accept application fee from students applying for study. Studying in universities abroad is cost intensive with fees to pay- tuition fee, transport expenses, living expenses and application fee. 

Now it’s understood there are two or more fees and bills to pay. An application fee is paid to the university during an application process.  Universities abroad charge huge fee for application and this can discourage study for an international student interested in studying a programme in abroad universities.

But in case you have doubt about some abroad universities that has no application fee for international students, you should know now there are universities that don’t take fee for application. This should give a cut down of fees for study as a student. Here is our compiled list of universities that will not cost a penny for application in top countries.

US Universities- No Application Fee

Interested in study and need to apply to a university in the US, US is one of the preferred study destination with a top ranked higher education and system. We have got some US universities if you avoiding extra cost for study.

Find out more by taking a look at the universities and their websites 

UK Universities – Taking No Application Fee

UK universities application are connected to one central website called UCAS , so you don’t need to apply separately and directly on a universite website. Application to a UK universities aren’t free, however they come with a fee affordable for students.  Application to a university or more than one university can  be done with some little cash – let say  US$18 if you are applying to one course at one university and US$41 for more than one but a maximum of five universities.

Universities in Canada 

Fancy the country Canada for your study, The county is has lots of universities, the sad news is that there aren’t much universities that accept application with zero fee. But you got  universities willing to give a waiver if you have difficulties with finance. Getting a waiver for students still interested can tonnes of load to lift from a student. As it takes you to go through a huge written policy on application for each university to find out how and requirements for a waiver. Finally you will need to send a mail or make a direct phone call to the university and know what is expected of you to be carried out  and get an application fee waiver.

Australia Universities – with No Application Fee 

This country won’t stop for something in amazing international students, They got scholarships, among most preferred country international students study programmes and still got universities with no application fee for international students. If you got your mind set on Australia, then you got yourself a couple of universities that charges nothing for application, which is done online.

listed in Australia universities with no application fee are, connected to the websites so you can find more information you seek for.

  • Bond University Bond  offers student no application fee while applying online, students can defer admission rather than accepting immediately
  • Charles Darwin University CDU  takes no application fee if you apply online 
  • University of South Australia USA  offers a wide range of course with students applying to the university at no expense. 

A polite and simply request after explaining your financial situation can get you a no application fee in a university. Remember ask them and surprisingly you may get one 

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