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7 Ways to Increase Your Admission Chances

by Omale Philip
7 Ways to Increase Your Admission Chances
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Are you worried about college admission and seeking for ways of improving your admission chances? We have listed the 7 ways to increase admission chances so if you have got your mind focus on a particular college or university and want to get into the school, read further for ways to go about in improving your chances of admission.

There is no doubt about it-Admission is now competitive. The better your college application the higher your chances of getting into more competitive schools. If you fell your chances of getting admission is low, here we have outlined seven ways to improve your admission chances.

Seven Ways to Increase Your Admission Chances

1. Standardized Test

When it comes to college application, your test scores are very important. You need to prepare for your standardized test and get good test scores. Your SAT/ACT scores can improve your chances of entering college.

If you are an international student taking any English language test-IELTS, TOEFL, GRE then you need to obtain a high score for chances to gain admission to study abroad as a foreign student. International students seeking to undertake undergraduate degree program are most time expected to score IELTS 6.5 with minimum band score of 6.0 while master’s degree student need to score 7.0 and minimum band score of 6.5 to enter competitive universities abroad or be offered the subject chosen for their degree program.

Colleges and Universities have a minimum required score for chances of admission. A good or perfect SAT score can get you an admission mostly students with SAT scores of 1250 above are offered admission into their desired college. It’s sure that a better improved test score works, see how to better improve your SAT score for chances of admission into your desired university.

It’s entirely possible to increase your chances of admission. Go on and read other steps needed to better improve admission chances if you want to become an outstanding applicant.

2. Get Recommendation

Want to stand out when it comes to college admission. The question to answer is who recommended you? A good reference can boost your admission chances in no time. Your college application consist of a letter of recommendation, and this reference letter is powerful enough to let convince the admission officer that you are a best fit for the school.

Choose well who you want to write you a letter. To get a good letter of recommendation you need to meet your references early enough to give them a good time to write you the best recommendation. Also you may need to know exactly what the school need to be included in the letter so you can give them the information they need to include in the letter.

Here we advice students to choose professionals, majorly their teacher or professor they are in close and best communication who know much about them, grades achieved and extracurricular activities you participated.

The school will let you know the required number of letters to submit but mostly, it’s two to three letters of recommendation. Do ensure to meet in person your chosen recommenders and avoid calling via phone or sending mails except their residence location is far.

Note: Your letter of recommendation must be typewritten on letter head carrying their address with sign and stamps. An appreciation with a thank you letter or a gift can show how very well you appreciate the recommendation letter that was written. It’s best you keep the people in your network cycle for any future assistance that might be needed.

3. Write Perfect Application Essay

How well are you able to convince the admission board? if you can prove to the admission officer why you have chosen the school? why you need to be offered admission? how well your chosen course be used to better your career? and many more reasons you may be on the admission list.

You need to let them know and understand who you are in person, all in a piece of paper submitted to the admission officer. This is a chance to convince and communicate your personality, reassuring the college that you’re a good match to their campus. You may need to start with draft and series of written application essay to come up with the final best application letter. Get people to go proofread your letter to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors for you to have a perfect letter before submitting to the college or university.

4. Contact Admission Representative

When you contact admission representative, you’re not only demonstrating interest in the school but building a relationship with a college representative, that will often result in more attention during the admission process and this in turn increases your chances of admission.

You may be in contact with representatives on social media-Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. They can advice or facilitate your chances of entering the college if you keep close contact and connection with them while processing your admission.

5. Visit Evaluated Colleges on Your List

This process is made much easier if you have evaluated colleges on your list. The most obvious way to demonstrate interest is to visit the college, take a tour, and schedule an interview. Visiting colleges across the country can be expensive.

Fortunately, there are other ways to demonstrate and you can find out from the school. Learning more about a college by visiting the school and department also gives you a clearer idea if you do fit into the college campus.

This way, you can actually focus on applying to the school you’re truly excited about and strike out some of the less compatible options.

6. Demonstrate Interest

You wouldn’t know and share your meal with a friend who is hungry and never indicated interest to eat with you.

Likewise for colleges, it’s difficult to know which applicants are really interested in attending the college due to the fact that students can now apply to multiple colleges at once.

College admission officers look for ways to determine whether you will accept their offer of admission when they receives your application.

Showing interest lets them know you will likely accept the offer. Some of the ways to go in demostrating interest is

  • Join college’s Facebook page.
  • Follow the college on Twitter and make a connection.
  • Contact a college alumni or admission representative.
  • Connect to current students via social media.

7. Show Range of Interest and Pass Interview

Aside from being a dedicated student who has indicated interest in the school. colleges like to see that you display by stating your range of interests-after-school activities(extracurricular activities), sport, leadership programmes etc. That way you can stand out from other competiting applicants.

Do ensure to reference these in your college application to give a sense of accomplishment as an applicant with many interest.

Some colleges do require an interview as part of the application process for admission. Do a little interview preparation in advance, get someone to ask potential questions while you repond answers. Interview may be via video so brush up on good interview etiquette.

Creating a strong college application, require you to prepare in advance. Excellent grades, academic performances, extra activities, along side letter of recommendation, standardized test will make you stand out for admission and soon those offer letters will come rolling into your mailbox.

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