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7 Universities Abroad to Study Engineering

by College Reporters Staff
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Do you want to study engineering at one of the universities abroad? which university can you apply to study engineering course?
Are you interested in studying bachelor or master in engineering? this guide will help you know the university abroad that will give you the best of study in engineering course.

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Why Study Engineering

Studying Engineering is a smart and wise choice to make as a student and this decision is unique for a career minded fellow desiring to study at universities abroad.
There are universities all over the world offering world class degree, also engineering specialization in field like chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and electrical engineering.

Students number in Europe has majority enrolling in a degree for a specific discipline relating to engineering. Universities abroad to study engineering are majorly in United State and United Kingdom other countries like China, Switzerland, Singapore and Japan had good performance in engineering and ranking in the field.

The Times Higher Education has ranking for 2019 university for engineering degree, the subject ranking for engineering and technology features 900 universities across more than 70 countries.

Find below the universities abroad to study engineering

Top Universities Abroad to Study Engineering

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Students at University of Oxford are admitted for a specific engineering degree, this differs from US universities, field in engineering for study are picked by students.
For undergraduates, a duration of four-years in engineering science or more specifically biomedical engineering, also in these courses: chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering or mechanical engineering.

Less than half of all applicants into the university for these courses get through to the interview round and 15 per cent secure a place on a course. Many graduates of engineering from Oxford university  go deep into careers as professional engineers, while some go into business or further study.

Stanford University, United State

The school of engineering at Stanford university for the past century has a cutting edge in innovation and technology. Having a research centre, focusing on the greatest challenges faced by humans: bioengineering, robotics, information technology, network security, data analysis and computation.
The school has nine departments and additional institute, there are  about eight interdepartmental programmes which are undergraduate across the departments. Students can major in the programmes.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United State

MIT School of Engineering has solved engineering problems by producing stream of new products and new technologies.
The institute has increased its focus on innovation in the last few years, with the launched MIT Innovation Initiative.

The  initiative provides students with educational experiences, mentoring and funding to encourage their creativity and support their projects. And also 60 US patents have been licensed by multinational companies as result of the research associated with the initiative has led to .
The school laboratories and departments produces a range of research, beginning from insights on food security to soldier nanotechnology.

 Harvard University, United State

At Harvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences established in 2007 is the newest school.  A good number of teaching areas are covered by the school such as bioengineering, electrical engineering, materials science, mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, applied physics, computer science, environmental science and engineering.
Nobel prize have been awarded to alumni from the school.

California Institute of Technology, United State

There are five distinct engineering majors and an interdisciplinary studies programme at California Institute of Technology that allows students to customize a course of study.
The university academic division, teach and research both engineering and technology subjects, there are fairly cross-disciplinary in both teaching and research.

The university prides itself on innovation with ambition as her undergraduates students declare a major at the end of their first year. the biology and biological engineering division, the chemistry and chemical engineering division, and the engineering and applied science division.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The university of Cambridge tops the table list of teaching and research university.  The university is always committed to the department of engineering  future growth and development as the study of engineering has a long history at Cambridge.

Engineering course at Cambridge is unique. while you are been equipped with all the analytical, design and computing skills- It allows you to keep your options open within the engineering course.

The available specialization in engineering course are Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering,
Bioengineering, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electrical and Information Sciences, Energy, Sustainability and the Environment, Information and Computer Engineering, Instrumentation and Control.

The Engineering department is a centre for research leading international, ranked consistently amongst British universities. Many research projects are funded by industrial companies, Cambridge has strong links with industries.

Princeton University, United States

The university school of engineering and applied science has the departments: Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Operations Research and Financial Engineering.

At School of Engineering and Applied Science Princeton University, there is an integration of research directly with each academic discipline, ranging from Chemical and Biological Engineering to Operations Research and Financial Engineering.

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) and Ph.D. degree programs are offered at the school. If a student wish, he can work in each of the departments, giving an interdisciplinary slant to his graduate education.

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