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5 Best Countries International Students Consider for Degree Study |Universities

by Omale Philip
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Having trouble as an international student in choosing a country for your degree study? You thinking or don’t know what country will be best for you as an international student? You need the best countries  for your degree study or the best  universities that offer admission to students with low tuition and expense fee

Yes is the answer! then you need to read and save this. If you need to take a study as an international students in any developed country(abroad).
Having a desire to take a degree study in developed countries is great choice. Good number of International students study abroad precisely bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral study programme.

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Many degree courses are offered to students by these countries, if you need a study or further study in a particular  country. Then consider some factors such as;

  • which country accepts international students
  • Countries with low tuition fee for international students to take any degree study
  • Low cost of living/expenses
  • Provide financial aids/scholarship supports or grants

A country chosen for a degree  study has many advantage and disadvantages, Also consider pros and cons like;

  • Language spoken and used in study
  • Environment/Climate Adaptability
  • Mixed Culture and Meals

programme prepares you for a specific degree when you opt into a university in Canada. Taking an example; bachelor’s programme prepares you for bachelor degree.


A good number of students seek to study abroad i.e take a degree study in international (developed) countries
 Abroad study is more advantageous than local study(study in home country)
Various types of university are in C, abroad study greatly impart knowledge and give opportunity for career. Universities usually offer a wide range of different subjects. But some specialize in a particular subject area.

  • Degree study in international countries come in some ways;
  • Bachelor’s degree (as an undergraduate student)
  • Master’s degree (as a master student)
  • Doctorate Degree (as a doctoral student)
  • Research (a semester or year study support from home university)


The initial academic degree that is recognized is the bachelor’s degree, it’s internationally accepted and for job opportunities.  A successfully completed bachelor’s degree can launch you into a career or take the next academic degree (master’s degree)
Also a typical bachelor’s degree programmes include will include any of these the Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) for the engineering sciences, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) for the humanities and social sciences and the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) for technical and science courses.

Advantages and Criteria of Bachelor’s Degree; on completion of bachelor’s degree you can either go directly into employment or apply for a master’s degree (MA) in a course/subject area that interests you.


Bachelor degree programme is prerequisite to master’s degree, same in (abroad countries).  A bachelor degree (or equivalent) successfully completed lead to master study.
Master’s degree programme requires you to specialize or widen your knowledge in a particular course field for over two or four semesters. A bachelor degree in biological science can be furthered to bioinformatics in master’s degree.


Many students during and after study in international country gets benefit and also awarded.
The country has benefits for citizens and foreigner; students, workers. many of the countries are known for opportunities to international students. Graduates with degree study in an international country are highly-valued on the job market, and people who study there have been able to find lots of benefits. Studying abroad if yours/family decision or an advice from friend is certainly a good one as some benefits are listed;

  • Permanent residency
  • Great jobs in any field they’re interested in.
  • International Recognition
  • Low tuition cost
  • Advanced quality education

 and other benefits not mentioned.

There are number of programs available for students to take a particular degree in international countries. International students seeking for a country to study do consider have list of countries and try sorting the best, as they consider other countries alongside see (master study in Germany) so this could be a choice for you too.
A course study in a particular degree is certified with a certificate for the degree study (bachelor’s degree, master degree, doctorate degree.) Dual universities combine academic studies and vocational training. You can study for the following degrees at overseas universities:


Criteria are required before been admitted as international students for a degree study into universities in oversee countries, you will have to fulfill several criteria. These will depend on the degree programme and the university of which you intend attending, here are some of the basic requirements you’ll need

  • Study Permit
  • English language test (TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency etc)
  • Referee Letter (at least two (2) from professor in your home university/supervised your previous study)
  • Transcript
  • Admission Application to a school in the country of choice
  • A strong letter of motivation/personal statement
  • Successful participation in a test or selection interview
  • A full record of your previous study is essential, having them handy or available any time will do you more success.

Still, ensure you always check on your university’s website, just to be sure what the exact requirements are.


You can afford to study in a any country university or college, A good number of universities and colleges are affordable, scholarships, grants and financial support are given from the institutions, government and organization bodies compared with home country. You will need to find low tuition universities as it saves cost of study, as international students seeking a study make inquiries on institutions with low cost of study a highlight of best countries with low tuition fee in their university and colleges are;


collegeforbes.com international student study

Paris consistently tops lists of the best cities for students. Although the vibrant night life, thriving cultural scene, and the prospect of long walks along the left bank of the Seine are surely partly the reason, the almost non-existent tuition fees also help. Whilst much undergraduate teaching is carried out in French, graduate education is often available in English. Or take the opportunity to brush up your French and attend a course given in French language.
Highlighted universities in France with affordable fee

  • University of Caen Normandy.
  • University of Paris Sorbonne
  • Pantheon Sorbone University
  • University of Reims Champagne
  • University of Strasbourg
  • Emlyon Business School


collegeforbes.com international students study in usa

Having the choice to study in the US leaves goose pimples and is quite mind-boggling. From internationally renowned league of institutions to hubs of innovation. whatever you study here you will have opportunities to add to your life experience  or get a career start. Over 600,000 international students attend university in the US every year, and despite the high costs of fees. Boston and Francisco, are ranked among top student cities because students love living in them.
Top Universities for international students are;

  • Harvard University
  • Yale University
  • Michigan State University
  • Princeton University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Ohio State Unversity
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University


    collegeforbes.com international students in canada

    Certainly you might have added this to you list of countries, many international students consider a study in Canada when it comes to master study See (Master Study in Canada | Universities and Scholarships)
    it is no news that 6.5% of students taking post graduate programme in Canada are international students and come from other countries. With a vibrant culture, stunning natural environment and massive regional variations, Canada offers lots to explore for visiting students, in addition to several internationally ranked universities.
    Toronto ranked recently as the most desirable city for students, among an impressive three Canadian cities in total to make the top 15. With cities this attractive
    Few Top universities in Canada are;

    • McGill University
    • University of Toronto
    • University of Saskatchewan
    • University of Waterloo
    • University of Alberta
    • Queen’s University
    • University of British Columbia
    • University of Ottawa
    • University of Calgary

    Read Also; Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Canada


    The United Kingdom has a wide variety of high quality universities, and although fees vary across institutions and can be fairly high, it is worth seeking out scholarship opportunities.
    Students often work to support their studies, and flexible opportunities to fit around university schedules are not unusual.
    a few highlight of universities that will be affordable by international students are;

    • Imperial College London
    • University of Edinburgh
    • Queen’s Mary University
    • University of Leeds
    • University of Glasgow
    • Cardiff University
    • University of Reading
    • University of Alberdeen


    collegeforbes.com reasons for international students to study in Germany

    Along side technology, Join the thriving tech hub and immerse yourself in the German. Among the economic power houses of Europe, Germany has more going for it than just Oktoberfest. It is also one of the best known European destinations for low (or almost free) university tuition fees, which might explain why outside of anglophone nations (the UK, US and Australia) it is the country with the highest number of international students. Head straight to Munich to attend an internationally rated university without breaking the bank, or Berlin to join the thriving tech hub and immerse yourself as guru in technology. Germany certainly suit you if you are a technology/ innovation fan.
    Top Universities in Germany that are affordable;

    • University of Cologne
    • Technical University of Munich
    • University of Hamburg
    • Munich University of Applied Science
    • University of Munster
    • University of Hagen
    • Humboldt University of Berlin
    • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
    • Universities of Tubingen

    Read Also; Master Study in Germany Universities.

    Other Countries to consider as a student for degree study are;


    Scholarships, grants and financial support are used by students seeking international study in these countries. Many grants are provided by the government of those countries for students from developing countries, Non-EU countries, others are offered by universities
    Check Available Scholarships for International Study and Organization Scholarships

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